January 15, 2014

Early Review: BURDEN by Lila Felix {Dream Cast}


Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review

Est Release Date: Jan 20, 2014

In the depths of the Louisiana swamps, clans of bear shifters roam freely. Hawke Turnclaw, the Alpha over all of his kind, is drowning in the legacy left to him by the Alpha before him, his own father. When he goes on a rescue mission to save a rogue Black bear from the clutches of a Grizzly clan, he finds more than just a Black bear, he finds his mate.

Echo has always been told she's an anomaly, a fluke. She's the only bear of her kind and that makes her a hindrance to her clan. She's tried to run away, but they keep her tethered through guilt and a shock collar around her neck.

And then someone shows up claiming he's her mate.
Now belonging to a new clan, will she ever be able to understand that she's so much more than just a burden?

My take…
This was more than the mate-claim.
It was more than love.
More than a fluttering of our hearts, or a tingle when she entered a room.
My mate owned me. And I was happy to be her property.
By the time I’d hummed the song twice over, she was fast asleep. And in case we did have the Creator’s ear that night, I sent him a simple plea. Long gone were my whines for myself and my failures in running the clan, formed just for me, I whispered, “All I want is for my mate and my clan to be happy.”
Ever since Lila confided she was planning to write a shifter book, I found myself wondering how it would be. Lila has never before written a para/supernatural book before. Would it be as great as her other works? Should she just stick with what she knows? Oh boy, the anticipation was numbing.

Fast forward to when Lila handed over several pages she had done. Wow! Seriously, is this the same woman who wrote the LOVE AND SKATE series and several other magnificent books? Because the pages she sent was not enough. I was already held captive by what she had written. And now I have to go without while she finishes? Fudge knuckers. I need more. So ever since I finished those precious few pages...I knew right then and there that this would be my most sought after read for next year. Thankfully I didn't have to wait until 2014 like you readers do.

Fast forward again to the night when in my inbox holds the finished product. I quickly devoured this book and I could only come to one conclusion. Ok, two conclusions. One, this is my most favorite book by Lila to date. Yes, I said it. My most favorite. Hard to believe with all the great ones she has out. But it is true. I inhaled this story and fell in love with the characters. And two, it has rekindled my love for para/supernatural reads. Especially ones of shifters.

BURDEN is such an amazing story. I am so hung up on the characters and the storyline. Not many shifter books out there are based on bears alone. That is one aspect that sets this book apart from the rest. Another is the background of Echo. I won't divulge too much, letting you read it for yourself. But it was definitely interesting and caught my attention. But the moment of the book that gutted me? Oh that would be when Hawke had to pull rank and go against everything he has ever known, against the beast inside of him. It tore me up. I hated him and hurt for him all at once.

I only had one problem with the book. But Lila quickly squelched my fears. So technically it isn't even a problem any longer. I had a feeling this would be a standalone. I mean why she would write something so amazing, so fabulous and only write one book? But like I said, she relived my fears and YES! It will be a series.

Now I am eagerly waiting (which isn't my specialty) for the next book in the series and BURDEN isn't even out yet. I wonder how I can spur Felix into action to get that book done?

 Lila has a dream cast...
Tyler Hoechlin as Hawke

A young Vanessa Paradis as Echo


  1. LOVE your choices for Hawke and Echo and I can't wait for this...only read the first part!

  2. Love the review and the cast Mandy!!

  3. GREAT REVIEW and Love these choices!!! They are perfect!!!