July 25, 2019

5*Review: THE PACK SERIES by Kristin Coley

Title: The Pack Series (The Pack, The Challenge, The Alpha) 

Author: Kristin Coley

Source: KU



From Book 1: Jess Carter only wants to finish out her senior year of high school. No friends, no boyfriends, and definitely not an insanely hot, overprotective guy who might possibly be her mate. No thanks. She only came to the tiny town of Banks, Idaho to make sure her dad doesn't do anything too crazy. Like buy the local motel where you pay by the hour. 

Dangerous stalkers and a group of students known as the Pack are the opposite of what she plans on, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has zero intentions of getting involved. 

At all. 
End of story. 

Except, the stalkers are after her, the insanely hot guy is one of the high school coaches, and the Pack….well, let’s just say the name suits them. 

With nowhere else to turn, Jess must rely on the Pack to protect her, but in doing so, she becomes caught up in a brewing war over territory and power. One that may cost her everything. 

My take...

Here is my take on all three books as a whole:

I greedily took in the whole series within a couple days. When I finished one, I had to quickly start the next. I had to know what would happen with The Pack and Jess. There was always something going on...some kidnapping or near kidnapping...some twist or love connection. It was just a great, quick read. 

If you are looking for a great, NA shifter series, I highly recommend each of these books. 5 Stars for the entire series.

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