July 29, 2011

Top 10 with Wenona Hulsey

Lets get to know author Wenona Hulsey in TOP 10

I recently reviewed Wenona's Blood Awakening & Burden of Blood (you can click the reviews tab at the top to read them.)
I would like to thank her for that opportunity and for answering a few questions for me.
1. fav author and/or book?
Oh how can you be so cruel? I don't thank I can pick one favorite because I love so many. This is a hard one but I'm going to go with Author H.P. Mallory. Not only do I love everything she has written but she inspired me to start writing. She's a wonderful person with great talent and she is always there to offer a word of encouragement to new authors.

2. fav singer and/or song?

This one is easy because I have her CD on repeat in my car and it's playing on my computer most days when I'm writing. Adele, and the number one for me is Set Fire to the Rain. That song actually inspired a bit of the last action scene in my novel, Burden Of Blood.

3. fav item you cannot live without?

Hands down my Kindle wins. My honey bought it for me last Christmas and it hasn't left my sight but one time. That being the time it got stolen and I had to buy a new one. Those were the darkest three days of my life!!

4. Most fav food of all time?

I could eat sweet and sour shrimp every day! That's really not a bad idea too. I am looking to lose a few pounds and we all know Chinese food does not put you into full belly coma mode like all the wonderful southern food I eat.

5. fav movie and/or actor/actress?

I can't choose one so lets just say I'm a big Harry Potter and Twilight fan. Could watch both those over and over again.

6. fav hobby?(and writing doesn't count )

A favorite hobby and I can't say writing. Does social networking count as a hobby? I really enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. I have met and reconnected with so many people while on those sites. Sometimes I do wonder what my life would be like if I didn't spend so much time online. ~Fade in vision of me holding my Nobel Prize for curing cancer.~

7. fav color?

Blue is my favorite color. Yelp....not sure why but yes, I'll go with blue

8. fav season and/or holiday?

Summer is my favorite time of year. There is nothing better than taking my kids swimming, driving with the windows down and enjoying the beauty of the world when everything is green.

9. fav place to go or dream of going?

After doing so much research on Ireland for the next novel, I am begging to go there. So much history and folklore in one country is amazing to me. Maybe one day, when I'm a retired old lady, I'll get to explore the land of fairy tales and men in kilts. Both excite me in two totally different ways. *wink wink*

10. do you have a phobia?

Not really, though when I was pregnant with my daughter I had a fear of bridges. I had a horrible dream where I drove off of a bridge with my newborn buckled in the back in her car-seat. Long story short, I work up screaming and crying because I couldn't get her unbuckled. I remember so vividly the car filling with water and me struggling to breathe as I fought to free her. I was traumatized and avoided bridges for a very long time.

*WOW* what a great interview!! Love Adele, yes Social Networking is a hobby (I am living proof) and thats one scary bad dream you had. Nothing is worse than having nightmares about your children.

Go indulge Wenona's love for social networking...

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