August 2, 2011

Top 10 with Bonnie Wheeler

Top 10 with author of Fate Fixed, Bonnie Wheeler

1. fav author and/or book? It is hard to pick a favorite author, although I have always loved Jane Austen. Lately, I have been reading Amanda Hocking’s young adult books for fun.

2. fav singer and/or song? I love a range of music, but my favorite band is 30 Seconds to Mars. I listened to them constantly as I wrote Fate Fixed.
3. fav item you cannot live without? My favorite item I cannot live without is my cell phone. I named it Henry and giggle when I hear my family ask if they can see Henry for a moment.

4. most fav food of all time? Luckily, my family shares my love for bacon, or I would be very sad.

5. fav movie and/or actor/actress? My favorite movie is Life as a House. It moves me to tears every time I watch it.

6. fav hobby?(and writing doesn't count ) Favorite hobby? I don’t know if hobby is the right word for it, but I love going to classes. I am a senior at UConn and go fulltime.

7. fav color? My favorite color is all shades of red. Red is warm and spicy! I have entirely too much red in my house.

8. fav season and/or holiday? The best season? In CT, autumn is amazing. The colors, smells, and temperature are wonderful. I love the feeling of the crunchy leaves under your feet!

9. fav place to go or dream of going? My favorite place to go is Walt Disney World. I’m a mommy of three and we all love going on vacation to Orlando. There is something fun for us all.

10. if you could be anything (besides an author) what would it be? If I could be anything other than an author, I would be a social worker at an adoption agency. As an adoptive mom, I know the firsthand joy of opening my heart to a child and would love to spend my days making that dream come true for others.

I love that you are an adoptive mommy!! *cheers* And I just adore Amanda Hocking's work as well. Also I find it quite humorous you named your cellphone. ;)

Go check out Bonnie....

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