August 19, 2011

Top 10 with Ednah Walters

Welcome, welcome, welcome...
Ednah Walters (or E.B. Walters to those who have read her Sensual Contemporary series.) I haven't had the chance to read her YA series The Guardian Legacy yet.

But I am just mad for her Fitzgerald Family series. You can read my review for Mine Until Dawn HERE

1. guilty pleasure? Chocolate

2. 1 book you could read over and over? Jude Deveraux’s Whitney my Love (historical)

3. fictional character you would love to spend the day with? Damon Salvatore (he’s so funny and gorgeous)

4. One thing you cannot leave the house without? My cell phone

5. Fav song/singer? Pink (Perfect)

6. Hobby? Collecting dolls (my little ones actually took one from storage and broke its arm, so now I need to find the website from where I bought it and see if they can fix it)

7. Fave movie/actor and or/actress? Sandra Bullock

8. One place you would love to visit? Italy

9. Fav food? Bread (garlic, cheese, parmesan, jalapeno, sour dough…anything, I’m there)

10. fav color? Red

*OH NO* Hopefully you can get the doll's arm fixed. My mom bought my daughters a couple old ones like the Madame Alexander.
And who doesn't love Damon?
You can get in touch with Ednah here...

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