August 27, 2011

Top 10 with Patricia Leever

Today's Top 10 is by an amazing author, Patricia Leever.
 I just finished her debut book Cat O' Nine Tails.
Welcome Patricia Leever
1. fav author and/or book?
One of my favorite authors, of all time would have to be Edgar Allan Poe. I love that he was weird and creepy, I love weird and creepy.

2. fav singer and/or song?
Right now, I’d have to say Lady Gaga but ask me next month and it might be someone else LOL.

3. your on a deserted island, what would you bring?
A solar powered satellite phone so I can call for help.

4. most fav food of all time?
Sushi, no contest.

5. fav movie and/or actor/actress?
The Fifth Element, again, no contest, my husband and I quote it practically every day.

6. fav hobby?(and writing doesn't count )
This is going to sound odd, but zombie walks. I’ve only done one so far, but it was awesome!

7. fav color?

8.Fav time of the year?
Fall, Halloween to be exact, I LOVE Halloween!

9. fav place to go or dream of going?
I’d love to go to Europe, the British Isles to be exact, Englad, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. OH! And Bruges, Belgium.
10.who would you love to spend the day with? (living or dead)
Okay, I’m going to get a little emotional, my grandma. She used to say that she always thought I’d be a writer and she would have been so proud of me, I would love to be able to have one more day with her.

I love love love Halloween, my favorite holiday too! I love decorating. And I am so so sorry I made you sad with that last question. But I know she would have been proud, because you are fantastic writer.
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