September 27, 2011

Top 10 with Giles Paley-Phillips

I have another Top 10 post...and this time its Children's Book Author
Giles Paley-Philip. Author of The Fearsome Beastie.

I do believe this is my first time interviewing a children's book author. soooo YAY!

1. fav movie/actor/actress? Daniel Day Lewis, and Fight Club is my favourite film

2. fav song/singer? Pretty Buildings by people in planes

3. fav place you would love to visit? I love Bath in England, where we had our honeymoon, but i'd love to go to New York.

4. one item you can not live with out? Ipod!

5. who would you like to meet?(dead or alive) Shel Silverstein

6. fav hobby? I play Guitar in a rock band

7. guilty pleasure? lindor chocolate

8. fav author and/book? I'm a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk, favourite children's book is 'the Courage of the Blue Boy' by Robert Neubeker

9. fav food? chinese

10. fav color? green

How awesome you are in a band..and I would also love to visit both England and New York. I will have to look up that song. Great answers and thanks so much for stopping by.  

You can find Giles here...

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