November 7, 2011

Top 10 with Rebecca Boucher

This weeks Top 10 is with Rebecca Boucher, her book Hunting the Moon should be out April 2012

1. fav movie/actor/actress?
Tough one. Of course I have to say Twilight and Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart. But beyond the obvious it would have to be Casablanca, that is the ultimate love story. And Actor would be Denis Leary (Don't ask, It's a Worcester MA thing)

2. fav song/singer?
That would be the song I am playing over and over right now "We Owned The Night" by Lady Antebellum. But I am a huge fan of Garth Brooks, Cold Play, Breaking Benjamin and Jason Aldean (Random I know)

3. fav place you would love to visit?
I would love to go to Australia, hands down. That would be the ultimate vacation for me.

4. one item you can not live with out?
My Phone. I swear it is glued to me.

5. who would you like to meet?(dead or alive)
I would love to meet Stephanie Meyer and Ernest Hemingway. But to go back to number one, Denis Leary.

6. fav hobby?
Reading!!! Than followed by hiking

7. guilty pleasure?

8. fav author and/book?
Fav book would be Lady Chatterley's Lover, followed of course by Twilight and Stephanie Meyer, for creating that world that is both simplistic and complicated at the same time.

9. do you collect anything?
Lighthouses, koala bears and my new obsession is Drangonflies

10. fav color?

Nascar? I knew I liked you. Like you even more if you're a Jimmie Johnson fan?? Lady A ia great! So are all your answers.

You can get in touch with Rebecca here...


  1. Thanks Mandy this is so much fun. :) I am sorry to say I am a Dale Jr. fan (My youngest son is named Dale) Can't wait to see my book on your blog!

  2. well at least they are on the same team right? lol thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to see your book on my blog too!