December 9, 2011

Top 10 with Author Madison Daniel

I want to thank Madison Daniel for stopping by the blog to answer the questions to the Top 10 post!
His book Ember will be out in 2012.
How stunning is that cover?? VERY!

So lets get started...

1. fav movie/actor/actress?
 3 way tie! The Crow/Aliens/The Shawshank Redemption. Morgan Freeman & Sigourney Weaver

2.fav song/singer?
 Favorite song is impossible to pick, too many favs! Fav singer - Freddie Mercury (Queen).

3.fav place you would love to visit?
 Rome, Italy. item you cannot live without?
 Eye drops! (I’m addicted to the things.)
5. who would you like to meet?(dead or alive)
Brandon Lee & Paul McCartney.

6. fav hobby?
 Gaming (XBOX) & Drawing.

7. guilty pleasure?
 80‘s & 90’s pop music.

8. fav author and/book?
Stephen King! Fire-starter.

9. do you collect anything?

10. fav color?
 Black or red (depends on my mood).

Not sure I have met anyone addicted to eye drops. I knew someone addicted to nose drops, but no eye drops. And great movie choices!!

*back cover*

Get in touch with Madison here...

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