January 14, 2012

Top 10 with Author Miranda Wheeler

I am super duper excited to do this Top 10 interview. Not only is this gal a fellow blogger (and does some amazing reviews I might add) but she is an author too!

1. fav song/singer? I absolutely adore Coldplay and 30 Seconds to Mars, but at the moment I'm completely obsessed with "Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars from The Hunger Games Soundtrack. It's mellow, but kind of "haunty" too -- and, of course, I can't wait for the movies! :)
2. fav season? I've always lived in the Northeastern US, and autumn can be a really beautiful time here. So definitely autumn :)
3. worst vacation? When I was thirteen, my parents, my younger brothers and I randomly decided to pack, get in the car, and drive. We didn't know where we were going, so we ended up spending two weeks in various, frozen campgrounds two states away from home. It's an entertaining thought now, but at the time all I could think about was being really, really cold!
4. guilty pleasure? Cheesy TV movies on Syfy! A snow day with green chai tea and a marathon, and I'm set! Haha :)
5. fav book and/or author? This is a really difficult question! I run a book blog (Ricochet Reviews) because I love to read everything! Some of my favorites are The Thirst Series by Christopher Pike, Fate Fixed by Bonnie Erina Wheeler (my wicked talented indie-author mother!), 1984 by George Orwell, and Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.
6. one item you cannot live without? No offense to my beloved Kindle Fire, but I think I would have some serious abandonment issues if anything happened to my laptop. :P
7. pet peeve? Sticky tables. And counters. And floors. I have two little brothers, so they're both evil and inevitable -- a devastating combo! Haha.

8. fav movie/actor/actress? I'm really obsessed with Priest right now. Anachronistic settings have always fascinated me. I like Limitless too - it's very clever. As far as actresses/actors - I adore the Twilight cast, and I've always loved Hayden Christensen movies. :)
9. fav food? Almonds! :)
10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?) I'm honestly not sure! Most of my favorite deceased authors are infamously anti-social introverts which would make for awkward conversation. :P For those amongst the living... maybe Jared Leto or David Tutera. Who wouldn't want to meet Jared Leto or David Tutera? :D

oooh What great answers! I also love the song 'Safe and Sound' I can't wait to hear it in the movie. And yes, your mother is wicked talented! 

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Ok how can you get in touch with Miranda you might ask?

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