March 26, 2012

Review: Beyond the Sea by Emily Goodwin

Title: Beyond the Sea

Author: Emily Goodwin

Source: eARC from author for review

Expected Publish Date: April 1st 2012

After the brutal and mysterious murder of her sister, Melia is forced to leave her life as and merrow and live on land, pretending to be human. Feeling very much like a fish out of water, Melia struggles to fit in and to accept that the Pacific Ocean she loves so much may never again be her home.

Melia is unable to hide her fins from outsider Jamie Forester, who possess the gift to see into the Otherworld. Jamie—and everyone she knows—views her ability as a curse, isolating her from the rest of society. Melia sees the curse as a gift…and a way to find out what really happened to her sister.

Eighteen year old Peter Anderson thinks college is the most extraordinary thing that will ever happen to him, until he meets Melia. He is immediately bewitched by her beauty and spirit, sensing but not seeing that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Caught up in Peter’s affection and human affairs, Melia is too distracted to notice the darklings surfacing from the depths of the ocean. It isn’t until a body is found that Melia realizes parts of her old life have come back—with a vengeance.

If Melia stays with the humans she has grown to love, danger will certainly find them. But going back to the sea with a killer still on the loose isn’t a choice she’s ready to make. Peter and Jamie are quick to defend Melia, willing to risk life and limb to keep their friend safe. But nothing can prepare them for the truth they learn about merrows and all of the darkness that lies beyond the sea.

My take...
Beyond the Sea starts out with us meeting Jamie and learning about her special gift of being able to see ghosts. Everyone at school calls her a freak but the new girl, Melia, sees something special in Jamie. She needs Jamie's ability to help find out who murdered her sister. And soon the 2 girls become fast friends now that Jamie knows Melia's secret, that Melia is actually a merrow. When secrets are revealed and lives threatened, choices will have to be made. But what if those choices put more lives at risk? Melia must decide if her life on land is worth it or if she should give in to the sea that calls her.

The first half of the book is spent giving the readers a solid background to each of the 3 main characters: Jamie, Melia and Peter. Pov's are switched throughout the book between the 3 giving us different views of the same story. I really loved Melia’s character. I loved when she would become confused to the everyday things we take for granted or to simple little sayings. Even though she may come off dumb to outsiders, she was actually very smart and one tough cookie.

Now with the second half of the book is where things really take off, where things really get interesting. We start learning about secret pacts made between families and reasons as to why things are happening. You like action and suspense? Well you get it in this half of the book. There is a war looming on the horizon and Melia and her friends must figure out how to stop it.

I knew when Emily asked if anyone wanted to review her new book (and knowing it’s about mermaids) I just had to review it. Beyond the Sea was a fun story that kept me entertained pretty much throughout the entire book. Fan of mermaids? Then this book is for you!

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  1. I'm captivated by the summary. Mystery, danger, friendship. It's a good combination! (at least for me) Thanks for sharing some insights of the book. The most number of POVs I have ever read in the book is only 2 but this 3! Interesting.