March 5, 2012

Review: Chael's Luck by Mireille Chester

Title: Chael's Luck

Author: Mireille Chester

Source: ebook from author

When you’re named for the god of bad luck, you’re at least a head shorter than everyone else around you, and your horse is the only black one in a world where every horse is a grey, people are bound to talk. Chael has spent the past eighteen years of his life proving to those around him that he’s worthy of his family name; that he’s meant to be a Shadow Knight. Just when things are finally going his way, Chael’s luck strikes again. Now, Chael is in a race against time to find the one who has taken everything from him and who plans on destroying the one thing he’s worked so hard for, the knighthood. As if this weren’t enough, he’ll have to reveal the one thing he’s managed to keep secret for the past eighteen years. With help from some unexpected sources, Chael sets off on a journey that will test his will, his character, and his heart.
My Take...
“The Day will come when you’ll no longer know who you are and others will question it as well.” He frowned, his black eyes on mine. “When that day comes, only you can decide who that is.”  That teaser will speak volumes of the book.
This was such a good story and I enjoyed every second of it. You are immediately caught up in the storyline constantly wondering what the big secret is that Chael and his family are hiding. And oh boy is it good. The author did such a wonderful job keeping you wondering, waiting in suspense, until the exact moment Chael's secret is revealed. In a world where goblins are real and horses are only supposed to be grey, the mystery could be anything.
Chael's Luck was a terrific page-turner that keeps you guessing through half the book. If I wasn't reading another book at the same time I would have flown through it. Look forward to more fabulous reads by Mireille Chester. Awesome job Mireille writing a nail biting, suspenseful read that had me hooked from the very beginning. You have gained a new fan!

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