March 22, 2012

Review: Little 15 by Stephanie Saye

Title: Little 15

Author: Stephanie Saye

Publisher: iUniverse

Source: ebook from author for review

For as long as she can remember, fifteen-year-old Lauren Muchmore has always played by the rules. But this good girl, who lives under the thumb of a strict Catholic father, is hiding a dark secret. Lauren 's father has a dream for her that she does not share: to become one of the best high school basketball players in Texas. One morning during her freshman year, her father invites a well-known coach from a prestigious Catholic girl’s school to tell her the supposed good news-she is enrolling at Saint Agnes in the fall and leaving her old school behind. Seemingly destined for greatness on the basketball court-at least in her father’s eyes-Lauren reluctantly obeys her father’s wishes only to have her world turned upside down. As she struggles to fit in at her new school, she finds acceptance and comfort from an unlikely person-her new coach, Daniel Krum. What starts as an innocent friendship quickly spirals into a passionate love affair that threatens to destroy them both. Riddled by guilt, yet blinded by infatuation, Lauren falls into a complicated double life: one as an obedient daughter and schoolgirl, and the other as the mistress to a married man more than twice her age.
My take...
Oh goodness, this story was so good. Not in an 'Oh gee, I wish I was the main character, how she leads a fascinating life'. More like 'Oh wow awesome storyline, this author is laying it out for all to hear’. Stephanie introduces us to Lauren and her life, one no 15 year old should have to endure. Lauren tells her story, a confession of sorts, and makes no qualms it’s an easy one. Her story is laced with her constant need to please her strict father, trying to make a way in a new school away from friends, and the overwhelming guilt of a forbidden romance. Lauren’s life was not easy before her school change and the things that progressed made her life increasingly worse. You will want to listen closely as Lauren spills every little detail to a part of her life that changed everything.
When I was reading Little 15 I was torn between my thoughts as a mother and my thoughts of how I was as a teenager. Yeah, the things I did as a teenager would probably make Lauren blush. But now that I am grown up and have children of my own I cringe thinking of the things they are going to face in life. I know of some of the things, I’ve been there. Unfortunately things are only getting worse for kids. And I pray there will never be a ‘Coach Krum’ in their lives.
Stephanie did a fabulous job portraying Lauren’s story. The story is so real, so frightening real, you feel the emotion in the words as they are spoken. I loved how she used Lauren to really speak to the reader, telling it like it is without sugar coating it. Little 15 may have started a little slow, but soon I was consumed with this amazing story. Goodness Stephanie…absolutely loved it.  

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