April 26, 2012

Top 10 with Author David Morgan

I will soon be reviewing David Morgan's The Boo Hag. So in the mean time I had him answer my Top10. This dude is too funny. 

1. fav movie/actor/actress?
I’m goin’ with an oldie here. And by oldie, I mean older than me. It’s not that old. I’m not sophisticated enough to put a classic on here. In fact, my choice may make me the least sophisticated writer to ever be interviewed on your blog, but that’s alright. That’s how I roll. I’m gonna take Monty Python and the Holy Grail here. My wife hates it, but she’s still pretty cool. On the actor front, I’m taking Steve Carell. Oh, Michael Scott, why did you leave us? Yes, I am that person that still watches The Office. And my actress…Audrey Hepburn.  I realize this does not make sense when put next to my other two answers. I have no explanation.
OH.MY.GOODNESS!  If you and I weren't already married, I would say you are my soulmate. LOL! Totally joking. Me and hubby are diehard Office fans. But yes...why Michael, why did you leave us? And if Nellie continues to stay I might just be done with The Office. Not a fan of that character.

2. fav song/singer?
I’m a big fan of cool rocker chicks. Because they’re, ya know, cool. And they rock. Eloquent, right? I think Grace Potter is awesome. I also like to watch the American Idol. That should probably be a guilty pleasure, oh well, so, I like the American Idol and I think Elise is cool this year. Stop putting her in the bottom, America! It’s my fault. I never vote. Ooh, and my favorite all time was Haley Reinhart from last year. See, I like rockin’ ladies. But my true favorite right now is Brandi Carlile. She is a little softer on the rockiness of things, but she’s great. Whenever I go on itunes to get a song or two, I end up with one of her albums. As far as songs go, I’m gonna go with New Born by Muse. So, after all that rockin’ women stuff, I go with a song by a group of men. I’m a walking paradox.
I quit watching AI. I don't know, just kinda got all burned out on it. :P

3. fav place you would love to visit?
Maui. Can’t you just see yourself driving down the Hana highway? The top’s down, a cool, salty breeze ruffles your hair. After a while you pull over, and following a short hike through an emerald green forest, you take a dip in an idyllic pool at the bottom of a majestic waterfall. Well, I can’t see any of that, because we were weeks away from taking a trip to Hawaii, when the whole thing fell through. Bitter? No. I just want my trip back. Just give me my trip back! Sorry.
Bitter? nah...

4. one item you can not live with out?
Slippers. Does that count as two items? What if I promise to keep them right next to each other so that they look like one? I get cold feet. I love me some nice warm slippers.
I believe this is a first. Most peeps say their phone, but hey, you chose slippers!

5. who would you like to meet?(dead or alive)
Mother Teresa. I want to be able to say that I am nice and good and giving to everyone that I meet. And I try to be. Or at least I tell myself I try to be. Mother Teresa helped the poorest and worst off in a very poor place. I think she’d be a good coach.
Good choice!

6. hobby?
Reading children’s books in strange voices. I think it’s fun. My daughters think it is not fun. And, might I add, that my wife agrees with the girls. And then they all gang up on the one lonely boy in the house. I don’t think they understand comedy. I also am a sports fan. I played soccer all growing up. Then I turned my knowledge to coaching. And found that coaching kindergarten soccer takes no soccer knowledge whatsoever.
HA! Sounds like my hubby. Only male in a house of 5. And true about the kindergarten soccer. 

7. guilty pleasure?
I can think of so many. My guilty pleasures mainly involve things that show how extremely unmanly I am. I have an imaginary hat here, and I’m just gonna put all my guilty pleasures in and pull one out. Okay, here we go. Today, we’re going with, listening to my kids’ CDs. I mean, it’s not like I listen to them all the time or anything, but if we’re in the car on a long drive, and my kids have a CD in car with them with a really fun rendition of Old McDonald or something, I may try to sway them toward listening to that CD. I don’t suggest it myself, or course. I just make sure they suggest it.
Ok, you are totally cracking me up! All your answers could be summed up in that beer commerical... you know the one where they are like 'Dude that's the 2nd unmanliest thing you've done today'

8. fav author and/book?
I’m gonna alter my response to this question a little bit and answer as my favorite book that you maybe wouldn’t expect. I really love the book Bridge to Terabithia. It’s pretty close to my all-time favorite. I’m about to go all spoiler on ya, so don’t read on if somehow this slipped through your literary cracks, but I love the part where Jess takes his sister over to Terabithia at the end. I can’t talk about it without getting a little emotional. I can barely even write about it. Look at my eyes! If you could you would see me getting a little misty right now. And author, I’m going with J.D. Salinger, so I won’t tell you my favorite book, but you may be able to guess.
*sticks fingers in ears* Actually I have not read it or even seen the movie. But I know my daughters loved the movie. (Bridge to Terabithia) Guess I need to.

9. fictional character you would love to spend the day with?
You know what, just for you, Mandy, I’m gonna tailor this to the blog with a Twilight themed response. Yes, I read all the Twilight books, and I liked them. Manly? I’m shaking my head. But it’s cool. I’m married. I don’t know what that means, but I use that as my defense whenever I feel like my manhood is being brought into question. Anywho, I would spend the day with my girl Alice Cullen. Along with my wife of course. It isn’t like a crush thing; I just think she’s a cool girl. She’d be fun to hang out with.
Again, like 4th unmanliest thing. *snickers* No really Alice is one cool chick. And yay to reading my name right, I have had a few think the name of my blog was TWINmom. *shakes head*

10. pet peeve?
People being mean. There’s enough pain and suffering in the world without us adding to it. Ya know? My wife and I were at a restaurant once…side note, it was a Bob Evans, where 30 is the new 10. Everyone, but us apparently, is like 100 that eats there…so, we were there and obviously a bunch of people didn’t show up, and there was this one waitress trying to take care of the whole restaurant. On a weekend night. And some dude was yelling at her for not being faster. As if she wasn’t already having a bad enough night. Here’s to being nice. Woo-hoo!

Gosh that is horrible! Most def Woo-Hoo for nice people! And Boo to the un-nice people.

Ok I usually don't add my thoughts after each answer, but with David I felt the urge. Wasn't that a fantastic interview?? I loved it!! 
So now that you think you know David Morgan, go check out his links. You might be surprised the things you learn while reading blog bios. Just sayin!
and don't forget his new facebook page

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  1. I know Dave really well and he is a riot! Funniest guy I know. He is even funnier in person. I often used to laugh till I cried when I was younger, but he is one of the few people who have made me laugh till I cried as an adult.

    He is a very talented author and has a way with words. I loved his book, "The Boo Hag", it is well worth reading. I can't wait for more of his books!!

  2. Mandy, you're the greatest! Thanks for having me by for an interview. It was way fun. I look forward to the review. I marked this as funny, cool, and interesting. Can I do that? Okay, well the kids are in bed, I'm gonna go listen to some children's music. Shh, don't tell.