September 13, 2012

Top 10 with Author Sebastian Saint Anders

Please welcome author Sebastian Saint Anders to the blog.
Sebastian is a fairly new author. You can find his work over at smashwords.

1. Fav Song/Singer? "Night in Tunisia" by Duke Ellington. And I'm saying that with the intent that younger artists might get back on the track of musicality so we can end all this nursery rhyme music bullshit.
2.Fav Season? I want to say winter's my favorite season, because you have a dead of winter. But it's actually spring. Rebirth, greenery, gardens, warms up, but not too much, and unpredictable, spring's like a good British mystery.
3.Worst Vacation? Man, one time, we decided to spend some time at the infamous Brookdale Lodge, which is south of the Bay Area in the mountains. Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne and other movie stars used to use it as a getaway. And it's supposed to be haunted by a girl who drown in the "brook room" (which is a restaurant with a stream running through it). Now, I was cool the whole time, except I woke up at 2 a.m. one night, wondering what a little girl who drown might want from the guests. And the room got cold, and I swear, I felt a presence that just shook me. This went on for like, an hour, before I finally fell asleep again. Don't think I'm going back. But maybe--one needs inspiration and whatnot.
4.Guilty Pleasure?  I love really bad '50s and early '60s horror and sci-fi movies, and I occassionally inflict this upon others.
5. Fav book and/or author? The book that started me going was Stephen King's Night Shift. At a young age, I suddenly had the idea that I could write stories and submit them to magazines. Well, it was a little late for that by the time I read the book. But the idea of writing for a living, and how one went about it, is contained between the covers of that book. At least for me.
6. One thing you cannot live without? I've been doing a lot of moving around lately, and I've found the one thing I can't live without is a comfortable chair. I just about go crazy without a damn chair. Not a bed, or a computer, or a cell phone, just a comfortable place to sit.
7. Hobby? Hobbies--does anyone have them anymore? Does anyone have time? I love to draw, paint, play music, put together taxidermy animal skeletons, read, watch TV, but I hardly ever do any of that. I wish I could say I had a hobby.
8.Fav Movie/Actor/Actress?  I think Samuel Jackson delivers lines better than anyone ever has in the movie business.  I like Beyonce, too, but I don't know if she counts. But, damn, Beyonce. Make some more movies, girl.
9. Fav Food? One word: cheesedogs!
10. Who would you like to meet? (Dead or Alive?) I'm not saying this because of the election, nor do I endorse his views or policies, but Barrack Obama is the first world leader who I feel I could sit down and have a beer and a conversation with. Vote for whomever you please. Either him, or Hannibal. Elephants over the Alps? What were you thinking?

Oh my goodness!! I would not have stayed at that hotel *shudders*

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