November 7, 2012

Review: STEALING BREATH by Joanne Brothwell

Title: Stealing Breath

Author: Joanne Brothwell

Source: ebook from author for review

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Deep in the backwoods of North Dakota, twenty-one year old Sarah Ross is searching for a missing child when she is attacked by a glowing-eyed, transparent... creature. Sarah survives, destroying the monster by using mysterious abilities she didn't even know she had. Bloody and bruised, Sarah flees the scene and runs directly into Evan Valente, a handsome, charismatic stranger who helps her back to safety. But what is Evan doing out in the forest at five in the morning? Turning to a healer, Sarah is shocked to learn her eyes bear the mark of the Indigo Child-an evolved human with the ability to feel the emotions of others. But her indigo aura also makes her an easy target for those who wish to consume her powerful essence. Soon, Sarah is falling deeply in love with Evan and wants nothing more than to follow her heart and trust that he is the man he says he is. But she can't ignore the lingering feeling that Evan is hiding a terrible secret. The deeper she digs, the more danger she faces, leading her on a course that will force her to face the darkest, innermost parts of her soul.

My take...
This book was definitely a page turner for me. Stealing Breath kept my interest throughout and I was pleasantly surprised with its revelations. Brothwell did a fantastic job giving the reader a good, suspenseful story line that kept up at a good pace.

I also enjoyed the characters that the author gave us in Stealing Breath. The heat & energy that literally ignites between Sarah and Evan is hard to deny. This relationship made the book for me. I love when there is a good romance in my reads, and this one was on fire.

There is a prequel to Stealing Breath called Vicarious. I am guessing from the summary is we get a little bit of a back ground to Sarah. Will you have to read it before reading Stealing Breath? Nah, but from what I can see it is a really short read so what would it hurt?

I guess the only problem I had was that there weren’t enough answers as to what being an Indigo Child meant. Sarah learns she is one, but no one wanted to tell her what it meant or why it was so special to begin with. I felt a little left in the dark with that revelation; like the answer was just within arms reach but you get nothing. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. I thought the author did a great job giving us a different story about skinwalkers and dark magic.

I really look forward to the next book in the series, Silencing Breath. I am hoping we get a little more of those Indigo Child answers in it. So yeah, there you have it. I read, I liked, and I recommend!

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  1. Hi Mandy,
    Thank you for the fabulous review! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I think your questions will definitely be answered by the end of book three...!