January 20, 2013

Mini Review: WATERLOCKED by Elizabeth Hunter


Author: Elizabeth Hunter

Source: eARC from author for review


Definition: enclosed entirely, or almost entirely, by water

Example: What happens when the water vampire you’ve promised yourself to actually wants you to go through with the wedding? For Gemma Melcombe, her engagement to Terrance Ramsay was a political maneuver. For Terry, it’s something entirely more. Rough waters may be ahead for these two headstrong lovers, but until they come to an agreement, Gemma will be waterlocked.

Waterlocked is a novella in the Elemental World series."

My mini take...

I first started this series online when Hunter had started posting the first couple chapters to her blog. One problem. I hate to read on a computer. When it is on my nook color I can change the lighting and so forth. Not so with my computer. (If you know of a way...help a sista out and let me know). Anywho, I started it, but after having twitchy eye from too much computer exposure, I ended up quitting it. Thankfully, Hunter came to my rescue and sent me an epub for review. And for that I thank her profusely.

What I loved about this novella? Oh just about everything. While on their honeymoon, Terry will do all he can to make Gemma see that what they share is so much more than a marriage of convenience or political arrangement. The longer they are out at sea, Terry can work on bringing down Gemma’s strong and powerful walls…walls that have been up for a very long time…walls that have kept her alive even longer. And seeing her fall for Terry and watching the relationship grow into something more was so amazingly beautiful.

Hunter is an absolute pro at giving us steamy, heart melting romance. We got it with Gio and B, Carwyn and Brigid, and now Terry and Gemma. And each one of their relationships is so utterly different…we never get the same story told to us. You can bet whatever she writes it is going to be phenomenal. I am always eager to jump into one of her books because she always gives us strong lead characters and such creative storylines. 

I recommend this novella to anyone who has read Hunter's books and for those who haven't yet. Because even if you haven't read her other books, you won't be lost while reading this one. There will be some 'Ah ha' moments for you and other old characters are mentioned. But after finishing WATERLOCKED rather quickly I am now looking forward to the next novella in the series, BLOOD AND SAND. You will never go wrong with one of her books. Enough said. 

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