October 5, 2013

Review: RETRIBUTION by Amy Thompson


Author: Amy Thompson

Source: ebook from author for review

Regan Edison has just moved from California, to enter her first year at Georgia Liberty College, the place where jacked up Chevy trucks and hunting are a way of life. Regan hopes to start a new life for herself and she thinks that Georgia is just the place to do it. That is until she meets an unexpected stranger.

Colter Hayes is a member of the Collectors, a group of wrongfully punished lost souls. Colter and the rest of his team, Finn, Kaiden and Devon, work for the Requiem Council who pass judgment on those souls that are neither tagged for Heaven nor Hell. The Council has charged the Collectors with finding the lost in exchange for a chance at redemption.

When an ex-councilmember known to pass Retribution on lost souls sets his sights on Regan, the Requiem Council dispatches the Collectors to Georgia to work as protectors for Regan. The Collectors must fight to save Regan from a fate they know all too well, but can they work to earn back their chance at redemption or are their fates sealed forever?

Who is meant for Heaven?
Who is meant for Hell?
And who is just lost?

My take...
Regan is not starting off her first day of college the way she planned. Not only did she get called out in front of the entire class by the Professor for being late, she gets attacked on the way back to her dorm room. Thankfully some really cute guys rescue her but end up feeding her a load of bull that couldn't possibly be true. As things line up and more attacks are made, Regan realizes that these guys are serious and here to help. Now she has to trust them fully to protect her and find out why she is wanted dead. This isn't the freshman experience she signed up for.

I really enjoyed this book and its storyline, even though I felt a bit confused with the whole history and workings of the Exiles and Collectors in the beginning. But as I read on, it seemed to clear itself up and it all came together for me. I have only read a couple Reaper-like themed books, but I thought this one was done differently and I enjoyed it very much so.

The characters were really great, too. Well, most of them are. I am just not a huge fan of Colter. He is an ass that I never got that initial connection with that I usually want to have when reading a book. I never understood the attraction and thought that Regan could have done better. As for all the other guys, they were adorable and I even enjoyed hearing some of their POVs. Regan was a spunky character that I enjoyed reading about through most of the book. She did get on my nerves sometimes but I think I would have liked her more if she wouldn’t have set her sights on Colter. I wasn’t seeing the chemistry at all between them. Move on honey, move on!

Which leads me to my rant….What is it with girls fawning over guys that are a complete and utter ass to them? It is like, ah hell, he just thoroughly embarrassed and made a fool of me, so I think I am in love. Ugh! It is irritating and hard to believe. Sweetie, did you check your self-worth at the door when you got here? Come on! Man up and find a guy that actually enjoys your company. A guy that wants to be with you. Ok, rant over jackass male characters everywhere is now concluded. And I know there was more to why Colter acted the way he did and he did sort of redeem himself towards the end of the book. But I guess I am just not a fan. He ruined it for me in the beginning too much for me to fall for him in the end.

I will say that at the end I knew what was going on with Regan, but it seemed to take her about 3 chapters to realize it. So by the time she did come to the realization I was already wanting to slap her. Um, Duh! Maybe if it didn’t seem so obvious to us readers the ending would have had a bigger, better ending.

RETRIBUTION is a great book that started off a little sluggish but definitely picked up half way in. I think YA and NA readers will really enjoy this one.

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