October 26, 2013

Review: SKY BLUE by Julie Cassar


Author: Julie Cassar

Source: ebook (and print) from author for review

Something strange is brewing in Lake City… as the summer comes to a close, Ruby finds herself caught in a torrent of trouble when a stranger blows into town. Relationships are put to the test, lines are drawn and a choice is made when the ways of the Royal Sky Court rain down upon Ruby and the gang. Weathering through a storm of secrets, spells and yet another life-changing adventure… who will survive in its wake? Find out just what mysteries are revealed in this third, magical installment of the Ruby Blue Series!

My take...
School is back in session and Ruby couldn't be happier. It is her senior year and she is dating the hottest guy there. Life is good! Well, maybe not. Brennan is also starting school alongside Ruby to protect her at all times. The threat against her life is still ongoing. So, until they find out who wants Ruby dead, he is here to stay. Much to Nick's dissatisfaction of course. And the way Brennan is acting only adds to her confusion about her growing feelings for him. If only this was Ruby's biggest problems this school year. As if! When a haughty chick named Katrina enrolls, life is most definitely not good. In fact it down right sucks! Worst. School. Year. Ever!

I can't get over how much I love this series. If I thought I loved DEJA BLUE, I apparently had no idea that SKY BLUE was gonna rock my socks clear off. A new character is introduced and I must say I absolutely hated her. LOATHED! I hated the vibe I got from her the second we meet. I hated Nick for acting like a total duchery of a boyfriend right in front of Ruby when Katrina is near. I also hated Ruby for not being the girl I thought she was. When she forgives and takes Nick back so easily, I about lost all respect for her. At that point I was ready to put the book down and say Adios to these people. But, being the weak person I am, I had to know what was going to happen. So, of course, I continued on. And boy was I glad I did.

Another fabulous story that Cassar has conjured up in that amazing little head of hers. Even when I wanted to shove the book away thanks to that wench in the story, I knew better. I knew that Cassar wouldn't lead us astray. I knew she wouldn't bring us down one path just to leave us helpless.

Cassar's writing and amazing characters remind me why I fell in love with fairies in the first place. And the funny thing is we haven't even been to Fey yet. I am excited, once again, to see what Cassar has in store for us with the next and final installment of the series, FOREVER BLUE. Be on the lookout for that review coming up in the next couple of weeks.

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