January 27, 2014

Review: SECRETS AND LIES by Amity Hope


Author: Amity Hope

Source: ebook from author for review


Out of necessity, Seth grew up hiding behind secrets and lies. The weight of it all sometimes so heavy, he thought it would bury him. Until one night, everything comes crashing down in a way he never imagined.

Harper wanted nothing more than to pull Seth out of the darkness that surrounded his life. One huge mistake nearly cost Seth everything.

Somehow, they need to find their way out of the secrets and lies that continue to pile up around them. If they don’t, they’ll be lost to each other forever.

My take...
Oh my aching heart. I had some major feels for Seth in this one. Not only has he endured years of abuse at the hands of his father, but now he is gone in search of his mother. Leaving only a note to Harper to 'move on'. And that is just what she does. After months of heartbreak, Harper realizes it is time to move on. Seth obviously doesn't feel the same about her as she does him since he has never tried to contact her. But when he comes back into her life once again, her feelings are ripping at her very core. Her life is now flipped upside down. Will Harper be able to look past the hurt and abandonment? Will Seth be able to face his house that is so full of secrets and pain?

"So, before you go, there's one thing you should know. I realize what a huge mistake I made when I walked away from you. I have no intention of making the same mistake again."

Even though the story is still told in Harper’s POV, my feelings for Seth were tenfold. I was itching to be inside his head. What I wouldn't give to know and feel what he felt. I know his life is absolute hell right now, but at least we knew he loved Harper. Yes, he has a lot to work through, but I was holding out hope that together they would be able to get past everything.

"I missed the sound of your voice, hearing you laugh. I missed talking to you and listening to you. I missed kissing you and holding you. I don't ever want to miss you again."
"Then don't ever disappear again," I said quietly as I fought to keep the quiver out of my voice.

This really was such an emotional read. I had tears of sadness, tears of happiness, and even red hot anger. I thought Harper was more mature with some people in this read than I would have been. I was ready to rip his head off when his secrets were revealed. How dare him!! But I was also proud of her in some ways.

I loved when reading this story, how you are only a little ways in and you think, 'well Seth is back, they love each other, all is right with the world.' But not so. There is still lots of secrets and lots of heartache needing to happen. There is still a whole heck of a lot of book left to read. It can't be over yet. In fact, it is just getting to good stuff.

Loved the romance, loved the suspense, loved the characters. I am definitely one smitten kitten when it comes to this author. She knows how to write a story that pulls you in from the start and leaves you with a smile on your face in the end. And she knows what readers what when it comes to romance. It is sweet and it is beautiful. I will always be excited to read more from Hope and anything else she publishes. SECRETS AND LIES is a must read if you are eager to see how it all ends for Seth and Harper.

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