April 6, 2014

Review: LOVE AND DECAY Season 2, Epi 5 by Rachel Higginson

Title: Love and Decay Season 2 Epi 5

Author: Rachel Higginson

Source: eARC from author for review

Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

Reagan’s worst nightmare has come true and it doesn’t involve Feeders or Zombies of any kind. Kane Allen has managed to kidnap her and Page.

Trapped in a remote cabin, nowhere near the Colony or the compound, Reagan is forced to live out a truly horrific hostage situation. Kane is determined to get Reagan to acknowledge him and that she might have feelings for him. But Reagan is only determined to get away.

Kane truly has them trapped however, and when Reagan is faced with the harsh reality that there is no getaway car, no weapons for her to protect Page with and that she has no idea where they are, she is left with nothing but hopelessness and despair.

When Kane’s humanity starts to shine through, Reagan realizes she’s in more danger than ever. But she’s determined to hold on until Hendrix can find her.

That is… if Hendrix can find her.

Love and Decay, Episode Five is the fifth episode in Season Two of a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.

This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Approximately 20,000 words.

My take...

But I wasn’t afraid of Kane.
Not this Kane. Not the one sitting next to me on the bed. Not the one that smelled familiar and looked at me with such intimate awareness.
I didn’t understand him. I didn’t trust him. And I didn’t have any faith that he had simple intentions with me.
But I knew him.
And more importantly, I was furious with him. And my anger overrode every other emotion and coherent thought.

Kane is the last person Reagan expects to wake up, face to face with. Sure she has been in his clutches before, and before she always gotten away. But this time, Reagan feels he may have bested her and the Parker brothers. She is truly stuck with no hope in sight. Kane plans to win her to him while her walls are down. And the scary part is, he may actually succeed.

Anybody remember that mom from the movie HUSH? The kind of mom that was sickly sweet in the beginning but ends up being batshiz crazy? Well that is Kane's mom, Linley. Technically she doesn't do anything mean in this episode, but I have a feeling it is coming. And I am scared. Scared for Reagan and scared for Page. There is no telling what she will do to get her family back together again. And one thing is certain, she is not a fan of Reagan. At all.

“My son deserves someone so much better than you,” she hissed at me in a slow southern accent that reminded me of debutante balls and charity committees.
I couldn’t help but crack a smile. “Honestly? I couldn’t agree with you more.”
That did not gain me any points with the Lady Allen. Obviously, we weren’t going to be hostage situation-BFFs anytime soon.

This episode was pretty lax compared to some of the others. But it was definitely intense for the first half. THe type of intense that has tingles running up your spine. And goose bumps on your arms. You are not sure if Kane is going to crack, if his mother is going to crack or even Reagan might. Especially when Reagan realizes that they are, in fact, stuck there. At least for the time being. We can't give out hope that the Parker's are on the way to save them as we speak.

The one thing that kept nudging me from the back on mind while reading this one is...how awesome would it be to feel what Hendrix is feeling when he realizes they have been taken. You know he has flipped his lid trying to find Reagan and his little sister. He has to be completely torn right now. Not knowing who he wants to save more: his sister or the love of his life. Ugh, the agony.

A little break down of Epi 5...

Romance: 2 out of 10. I am the last person who wants to admit this, but yeah, there is some there. Whether Reagan wants to acknowledge this or not. From the beginning there has always been something there, between the two.

Zombies: 0. Well, besides the mention of some lumbering around the woods, there is none to speak of. And that is kind of a bummer. But I have complete faith that we haven't seen the last of them.

Parker Brothers 0. There is the mention of them, and the mere mention is a heartbreaking one. My heart is hurting for everyone involved. '

Most definitely a must read, even if it is not as actioned-packed as the ones before. And even though the future seems bleak, I am absolutely loving where Higginson is shifting the story to.

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