June 22, 2014

Interview with Chloe Miles, Author of the FADED series #Giveaway #ebooks

Chloe Miles is a twenty-something author, dreamer, shameless chocoholic, and hopeless romantic.

When she's not writing or daydreaming, she loves escaping reality with her favorite playlists, eating too much chocolate, and curling up on her couch in her PJs with a good TV show and a cup of tea. 

*What would you be doing right now if you were not an author?
I've always been fascinated by the idea of being a scriptwriter or movie producer, so I think either of those would be my dream job if I weren’t an author.

*5 years ago: what were you doing?
Working in a really boring, soul-destroying nine-to-five office job. I got to a point where I realized that I had to take a chance and make a change in my life if I were to ever achieve the things my heart kept dreaming about. Then I discovered the world of indie publishing, came up with an idea for a trilogy, and here I am.

*Do you have a certain writing ritual?
I usually have a general outline of the storyline and what will be included in each of the chapters. Then I usually just start writing from there. Sometimes I’ll write from beginning to end, and other times I’ll have an idea for the end chapters first and then come back and write the first chapters. None of the three books were written the same. I just wrote whatever inspiration struck me at that moment.

*What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?
I guess that would probably be negative reviews. I just try to remind myself that not everybody is going to enjoy reading the same things as the next person and try not to let it get to me. 

*Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it?
Definitely J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter is the series that really inspired my imagination and love of reading as a kid. I honestly believe there hasn’t been and never will be another series as phenomenal as Harry Potter. It’s just way up there on its own little pedestal in my mind.

*Is there an author you'd like to meet?
 J.K Rowling! I mean, how could I possibly say anyone else?  I would love to have even the tiniest insight into her incredible world of imagination. It seems like almost every child and adult, whether young or young at heart, has read at least one of the Harry Potter books. As an author, you couldn’t wish for anything more than that.

*Biggest writing pet peeve?
Automatic spellcheck. Although I live in Australia, my series is set in America, so whenever I type in the US spelling of a word, my Australian spellchecker tries to tell me that it is wrong. When you’re trying to write a combined 1,200 plus pages of a series, it can tend to drive you a little crazy sometimes! 

* Do you read other's reviews of your books?
I try to avoid reading too many negative ones but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had a lot of positive feedback for the series so far, so I try to concentrate on all the good that’s come out of it.

Fun Five:

Fav Color 

Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with? 
Hunter Emmerton. I think spending a day with Hunter Emmerton would give me the fearless confidence to do anything I’ve ever wanted to do but been too scared to. Maybe I wouldn’t take it quite so far and jump off a roof like Savannah does knowing that she has no risk of harm, but I think it would give me a little reassurance to be brave knowing that Hunter Emmerton’s arms would always be there to catch me ... or heal me if needed!

Fav food
Chocolate. I’m beyond help and not ashamed to admit that ;)

Fav song and/or singer
My two absolute favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Delta Goodrem. I honestly believe they are without a doubt the most talented songwriters of this generation. They both know how to get to my heart every time.

Guilty pleasure
Refer to fav food answer above. Haha!

You only live once ... unless you're Hunter Emmerton.

A half-spirit girl. An irresistibly charming ghost. The beginning of a timeless first love. A town terrorized by evil ... and dark forces who will stop at nothing to tear them apart. But how can they be together if they can’t even feel each other’s touch?

From the sweet love story of Faded to the heart-stopping action of See No Evil and the inspiring Ever After, find out why readers are buzzing about The Faded Trilogy ... and falling head over heels for Hunter Emmerton.

Title: Faded (The Faded Trilogy, Book 1)
Author: Chloe Miles
Pages: 392
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
“Savannah wanted to kiss him, but she had never even kissed a human guy before, let alone a ghost. How was she supposed to kiss him if he wasn’t really there?”

Savannah has never been in love before, but she’s in love with Hunter Emmerton. He’s cute, funny, charming ... and a ghost. How can you date someone if nobody else can see them?

When seventeen-year-old Savannah Fraser and her three friends are killed in a car accident, they are given a second chance at life by a group of century-old earthbound spirits who need their help.

Savannah learns she is a Chosen One, which means she can switch between human and spirit form, heal people, and control the weather—and she is also now invincible.

The Chosen Ones are the only ones who can defeat The Forces—a trio of evil half-spirits who are slowly destroying the perfect little town of Fort Everwick with violent storms and not-so-natural disasters—and stop them from harming everyone they care about.

The Forces are set on destroying everything Savannah knows and loves, but they also have a more sinister plan—they want a new member to join them. They won’t give up until they get the one they want—and they have Savannah firmly in their sights.

But what Savannah didn’t count on was falling in love with Hunter. She’s never loved anyone the way she loves Hunter, and she knows he loves her, too. But how can they be together forever if he no longer exists and she’s the only one who can see him?

Will Savannah have enough belief in herself to defeat The Forces, or will they be able to lure her to the dark side and turn her against her loved ones—and tear her and Hunter apart?

Title: See No Evil (The Faded Trilogy, Book 2)
Author: Chloe Miles
Pages: 350
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
“You could have perfect vision and still not see the evil in someone. Well, at least not want to see it, anyway.”

The enthralling story that was built in Faded continues in exciting and unexpected ways in this action-packed sequel in The Faded Trilogy.

Are Savannah’s dreams predicting the death of someone close to her? Or is it someone even closer than she thinks? Can Savannah save one of her best friends—and stop another from suffering the same fate?

Savannah will need more strength than she ever has before if she is to defeat The Forces for good, and with Hunter’s love and encouragement to believe in herself, she finds the confidence she never knew she had.

However, while The Chosen Ones become more confident in their roles as protectors of Fort Everwick, The Forces only become more evil—and prove they will stop at nothing to win.

What will Savannah do that will change everything and determine her position of power over The Forces forever—and prove to them that she just might have it in her to beat them at their own game?

But while becoming their biggest threat, it also reinforces Savannah’s position as Gwen’s most cherished target.

Title: Ever After (The Faded Trilogy, Book 3)
Author: Chloe Miles
Pages: 462
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
One of Savannah’s friends is hiding a secret that will change her life—forever.

In this heartbreaking yet heartwarming conclusion to The Faded Trilogy, Savannah is facing an epic final battle with The Forces—and the possibility of losing Hunter forever.

If Fort Everwick no longer needed protecting, and Hunter was free to cross over, would he stay with Savannah as he promised—or leave her to live the normal life she deserves?

Savannah can’t imagine her life without Hunter, but does he love her truly enough to let her go?

Until then, The Chosen Ones only have one thing on their mind—defeating The Forces. But they are stronger than ever—and not prepared to go down without a fight.

Will The Forces finally be defeated once and for all? And can Savannah and Hunter really live happily ever after?

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