August 1, 2014

Review: BEYOND INTENT by Karice Bolton

Title: Beyond Intent

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: ebook from author for review


Gabby has found the love of her life. Her bakery is doing better than she could ever imagine, and her two best friends each found love in the most unexpected places. But just when everything seems too good to be true, she realizes it probably is.

Jason's hours have become longer, and there are mornings when she rolls over to find an empty bed. It isn't until Jason's hidden past surfaces that she realizes there’s more on the line than love.

In order for their relationship to survive, Gabby must convince Jason to let her be a part of a world he’s fought so hard to forget. She knows their love is worth fighting for, but will he allow his family’s dark secrets to shape his future with Gabby?

My take...

I trembled when I thought about all of the other things he might be keeping from me. He was building up walls, and I had no idea why.

Gabby is in a good place at the moment. She has the love of her life and her business is thriving! Or at least that is how it feels until Jason starts seeking out answers about his family. Now he is shutting her out and evading her questions. Her world is flipping upside down. There is only so much a woman can take before she loses it and demands answers. And Gabby is there. She needs him to start talking or start walking…

Ever read a book that the second you start it is like you fall back into this comfort zone? It is like you never left even though it may have been sometime since you last visited the series? I cannot be the only one right? Well that is how I feel when I read one of Bolton's books. Especially this series. There is no way I could ever get enough of her books or these characters. I am 100% looking forward to what’s to come.

“I want to exist in this life we’ve created,” I begged. “I’m choosing this life with you because I love you. I belong…”
“You belong to me,” Jason said in between kisses.

I mentioned in my review of the last book, BEYOND REASON, that Bolton gives us readers a romance that is real. Again, she proves this fact with this book. I cannot get enough of this woman and her books and her romances! And I just absolutely melt into the book when I am reading one of her sweet romantic scenes. What can I say? I am a sucker for a well written story that has a beautiful love story.

My life was full of detours and crash landings, and that was okay because it made me who I was today. I wouldn’t ever want to live a life that started out at “point a” and landed at “point b” without any hops, skips, or jumps along the way. How dreadful that would be.

This book is going to evoke some emotion and maybe have you a little disgruntled with Jason a time or two. You are going to question a few of his actions and wonder why he is jeopardizing his future with Gabby. But hang tight. Things have a way of working themselves out by going off in another direction. You’ll see. Would I recommend this story? I’d be a fool not to. Get it and inhale it. You’ll thank me later. 5 Ahhh-mazing Stars!

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