November 24, 2014


A duo of Christmas romances from two top names in paranormal romance.

In SUNDAY'S CHILD, Grace Draven heats up a cold and lonely Christmas when museum archivist, Claire Summerlad, meets a mysterious new co-worker. Andor’s past may be a mystery, but is a future with Claire possible with a centuries-old punishment hanging over his head? Father Christmas meets Norse mythology in this brand new Christmas novella from the author of Master of Crows.

In LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, readers return to the Elemental Mysteries in an all new novella by Elizabeth Hunter. Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo travel to Rome when an new mystery interrupts their Christmas. Fina Rossi may have been the director of the Vecchio library, but she wasn’t expecting vampires for the holidays! Christmas takes an unexpected turn when she meets her employers’s old friend, Zeno Ferrara. He has the key to solving a mystery plaguing Beatrice’s client, but he's taken a far more personal interest in Fina. 


Author: Elizabeth Hunter

Source: eARC from author



Christmas in Rome wasn’t quite what Giovanni and Beatrice had in mind, until a set of misplaced letters leads them back to their library in the heart of Italy in a brand-new novella for ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN.

~~Lost Letters and Christmas Lights~~

Serafina Rossi wasn’t expecting vampires for Christmas. But as the director of the Vecchio Library, she couldn’t refuse to help. And if part of that help was spending the holiday in Rome examining mysterious letters at the Vatican… Well, she couldn’t exactly refuse.

Zeno Ferrara was an immortal whose eternity was dedicated to examining historical correspondence. But it was letters from the lovely director of the Vecchio Library that occupied his thoughts. Two years of correspondence has made Fina Rossi more than a mystery to be discovered. She’s become his fascination.

When Fina shows up at Zeno’s library just before Christmas, will they both discover an unexpected gift? And will a centuries-old mystery finally be resolved as Giovanni and Beatrice track down a clandestine romance hidden by history? Return to the Elemental Mysteries in Lost Letters and Christmas Lights, a special Christmas romance.

My take...


I’ve made it clear in recent reviews that there is nothing I enjoy more from a novella, than a holiday novella. I get this fluttering of Christmas spirit when I read one and it could only have the smallest of mention within the story. LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS had me feeling the Christmas love throughout the book! And I must say, I loved being back with Beatrice and Gio. Especially Gio. Oh how I have missed my sweet Gio. But it was great seeing new characters make such an impact and soon become favorites of mine. I adored this quick read to no end. Watching two people fall in love was beyond magical.

When you read a book by Hunter you come to expect a sort of poetic writing. A writing that is so beautiful, so real it makes you feel as if you are living in the book itself. And this book was no different. I wish I could explain better what her writing does to me. Beautiful is about the only word that comes to mind when I think about her books. If you have read her works you know what I am talking about.

This quick story is a must read! 5 Beautiful, Christmas-y Stars!

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