December 5, 2015

5*Review: BEYOND THE MISTLETOE by Karice Bolton


Author: Karice Bolton

Source: eARC from author for review



Gabby Sullivan’s wedding has been perfectly planned down to the tiniest detail. What she can’t control is a blizzard scheduled to blow into town the week before. As friends and family find themselves hunkered down in a blissful mountain lodge, new love sparks between two unsuspecting people who stopped believing in love a very long time ago.

But sometimes it takes more than a blizzard and a Christmas miracle for the magic of the season to come alive. It takes a man who is willing to have his heart broken if it means getting to spend just one more night with the woman he let get away.

This is Emily’s Happily Ever After.

My take...

Emily has been burned in the past. So she is a bit hesitant to attend a weekend away with friends when she learns she is being set up with a date. But after a rocky start, the weekend definitely turns around and Emily finds herself sorting through feelings she hasn't had to deal with in a long time. Good feelings. Feelings that have her questioning if maybe she is ready to give love a second chance.

I adored this story and everything within it. For me it is hard to read some stories that surround Christmas. They can either be great or cheesy. But Bolton did justice to the Christmas spirit. She had me coming back to the story every chance I got and wanting to know what happens. She had me thinking about the characters and if they would find a way. Bolton had me smiling throughout the book. Even during the times that seemed hopeless, I knew there had to be a way for it all to work out.

The characters have amazing chemistry together. They had this way about each other that made you feel comfortable with them. Like an old friend. Oh, and their banter had me snickering a few times. You can tell both clicked as a couple, but they just had a few hurdles in their way: their pasts and their futures. They just need to see if it all is worth working for. All worth having.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is definitely one you will want to read. Especially if you love a beautiful romance coupled with a fabulous storyline. Of course, this is Bolton that wrote the story, so would you expect anything less? Absolutely not. 5 Merry Stars!

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  1. Thanks for sharing I love all of Karice"s books this makes me want to read Beyond the Mistletoe even more.