January 21, 2016

5*Review: THE FICTION OF FOREVER by Brinda Berry#ComingSoon

Title: The Fiction of Forever

Author: Brinda Berry

Source: eARC from author for review


He’s got a second chance at the one who got away—but it’s on national television, and she’s calling the shots.

Kiley Vanderbilt wasn’t just fuel for Gunner’s teenage dreams about the curvy pageant queen. She was the one who got away.

Until now.

When Gunner returns to Nashville, his high school fantasy in heels challenges him to accept a spot on the dating reality show Forever.

And although the challenger happens to be show hostess Kiley, he’s going to prove once and for all that she wants more. One white-hot kitchen encounter isn’t nearly enough to quench his thirst.

But when Kiley—untouchable, jeans-tightening Kiley—proclaims she’s unwilling to compromise the show’s integrity, he vows to throw a twist of his own into her behind-the-scenes plotting.

That’s going way, way off Kiley’s script.

Giving in to Gunner would torpedo her plans to prove to her manipulating ex-fiancé and her producer daddy that she has more on her shoulders than pancake and hairspray. She must make him play by her rules on camera in spite of his sexy whispers behind the scenes.

Especially when a social media shitstorm brews on the horizon.

Fourteen days of filming. Six camera crews. And a minefield of hidden cameras. This time, no one’s getting away.

My take...

There is one girl that Gunner remembers as the one that got away...as the one that broke his heart. Now he has come face to face with that very same girl and somehow got roped into staring in her daddy's popular dating show. Feelings will be had...money is at stake...and a show and its reputation will be jeopardized.

I absolutely loved this book. I started it without even knowing what it was about. That’s what you do when you love all of an author’s work. What can I say…that’s just how I roll. But seriously, this book was such a delight to read. It was fun in all the right spots, romantic when needed, and had me smiling throughout the entire read. I loved every single thing about it. Especially the characters. I now have a huge crush on Gunner. He is that perfect male: sweet without trying to be, a country boy, and sexy as hell.

Both Kiley and Gunner have a lot of issues that they will have to work through and overcome. It definitely isn't one of those things that have two people who once had feelings for each other reuniting and all is right in the world. Oh no. It isn't that cut and dry. But when is it ever?

A very cute aspect of the story was the dating show. I adored it. Of course, having loved The Bachelor in the past, I found it easy to fall into step with the storyline. The show plays a huge part in the book but doesn't hijack it. There are plenty of wonderful scenes throughout the story. It all meshed very well together, giving us a fabulous read.

I am smitten once again with Berry and her beautiful imagination and memorable characters. I will gladly read anything this author has to offer. Wonderful, intriguing and charming...THE FICTION OF FOREVER is absolutely reread worthy. And that doesn't happen very often with me. 5 Stars!

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