February 14, 2016

5* Review: LOVE REDONE IN HIDDEN HARBOR by Karice Bolton


Author: Karice Bolton

Source: eARC from author for honest review


Natalie Jennings loves nothing more than waking up and going into work at the florist shop she owns in the heart of Fireweed Island. Every morning is pleasant and filled with sunshine and rainbows. That is until she sees an email for a wedding consult slide right into her inbox with the sender’s name of Cole Hill. Her hands get clammy and the cold winter’s day suddenly feels like it’s ninety degrees and climbing. It couldn’t be the same Cole Hill from high school. The universe isn’t that cruel.

But as she opens the email and reads the message, she realizes that it is, indeed, the Cole Hill from high school, and it is the universe’s turn to not only be cruel but downright evil. Cole broke her heart, but not in the normal fashion. He ensured the process was a long one filled with plenty of ups and downs. It all started in first grade and didn’t finally end until the second year of college. And now he is coming back to get married on Fireweed Island.

The perks of being the only florist in town! It’s a good thing she got over him years ago...

My take...

When you live on an island the size of Fireweed, you’re bound to run into someone you used to know. And when you run the only florist shop on the island you’re bound to do weddings for people you used to know. Someone you used to date. Someone you were once engaged to. Someone who broke your heart 8 yrs ago, as a matter of fact.

Bolton is one of those authors I will gladly read and not know what the book is about. I’ll go in blindly and not have to read the blurb because I know I will love it no matter what. And this one is no different. LOVE REDONE IN HIDDEN HARBOR charmed the socks right off my feet with the fun storyline, amazing characters (even some we've already met) and one adorable, psychotic feline, Pickles.

Once again, we see old characters that have been a part of our lives from 2 different series and when everyone is together it turns into this amazing merger of sorts. I love to see them mentioned and share scenes with all the newbies. But the awesome thing is you don't have to read the other series to enjoy the current one. You'd just be missing out on some wonderful romances.

And when I read each one of Bolton's books I start to wonder who the next one will be about. Who stands out a little more and has a story to be told? I will admit that I thought it would be someone else. But I am still excited for the next book to come and think you will too once you read this one. 5 Stars!

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