June 27, 2016

5*Review: SEDUCING FORTUNE by Brinda Berry

Title: Seducing Fortune

Author: Brinda Berry

Source: eARC from author for review


Trust is the name of the game and fate holds the wild card...

Ex-stripper Emerson doesn't have the time to fall for her boss Dylan. Between working three jobs and attending college, Emerson's schedule doesn't have room for a boyfriend. Especially not Dylan, who's the poster boy for misbehaving bachelors—the kind of guy who belongs in Emerson's old life. But when a stalker with connections to her convict father threatens Emerson's loved ones, suddenly Dylan's the only one who calls to her heart.

As the heat between them rises, will Emerson risk his life by opening up to him? Or will she risk his love to stop a criminal?

My take...

Once again, Berry created a story that pulled me in. This lady has a knack for doing just that. I become so in love with the characters and the story line, I'll gladly stay in the world she created. For one, we mingle with past characters we've read before. And if you read the other books in the series, that in itself is a delight. They are amazing characters. Friends even.

The moment I met the characters, Emerson and Dylan, I immediately had to know what was the driving force behind the way the acted and reacted to others. Both the male and female leads have a past that is secretive and full of pain. Both have used their past as an excuse to live their lives the way they do now. So reading about them and their struggles made me adore them that much more. I have such a soft spot for them.

Wonderful and suspenseful storyline, this book had me on the edge of my virtual seat. I never saw the twists coming. And I love that about a book; so kudos for pulling one over on me. That made the read all the more exciting!! Could this book be a stand alone? Sure. But I have loved the series so much; I definitely recommend the first two as well. 5 Stars!!

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