January 30, 2017

Review: DISPLACED, Book One by Mireille Chester

Title: DISPLACED, Book One 

Author: Mireille Chester

Source: eARC from author for review


For Kendall, life since the
 Battle of Paradin has been quiet. Lazy days sunning by the creek and spending time with the Sageden pack take up most of his time. All it takes to change his peaceful life is an afternoon helping Hayden practice her magic.

When a displacement spell goes wrong, Kendall finds himself stranded in Thistendal, where he once again finds himself on the receiving end of the humans' hatred. Lost in a land where shifters have been almost exterminated, he finds himself in charge of a young shifter who has lost her entire family and a woman he's drawn to despite his best efforts to ignore the attraction.

Neeka could never remember much from her childhood. Most of what she knows has been told to her by her guardian. A chance encounter with the very being she's been raised to fear has her questioning everything she thought she knew as fact. How could Kendall be the evil thing she's been warned about when his touch sends shivers along her skin and has her yearning to explore the pull she feels toward him?

Born in a land where shifters are hunted, Rein has been living life on the run the entire seven years she's been alive. Her family killed, she finds a fierce guardian in Kendall. Gifted with powers she's never been allowed to use, the young shifter finds herself wanted by shifters and humans alike.

Danger and adventure will follow their every step as they search for a seasoned magic wielder in a land where magic is forbidden. Can an outlander, a child, and a runaway manage to beat the odds when all the forces seem to be against them?

My take...

I rated this book 4.5 stars but always round up when leaving reviews on sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, etc...

Kendall is thrown into a whole other world. A world where his kind is sought and killed. Using only his instincts and strengths, Kendall has to figure out a way home. Or be displaced in Thistendal forever.

Full of action, adventure and most definitely some romance, DISPLACED was the perfect book for me and at the perfect time. You see, I was in need of a fantasy/paranormal story and this one served it's purpose perfectly. It definitely had an OUTLANDER'ish vibe going throughout the book, which I admired.

One thing that got me, the reason for the 4.5 stars, was how quickly some scenes came into play. No matter if the characters were in trouble, some scenes felt as if they were sprung on me and happened at the wrong time. But I look forward to what the next book brings and where it goes from here on out. 4.5 Stars!

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