June 15, 2017

5*Review: EMBER by Mindy Hayes

Title: EMBER

Author: Mindy Hayes

Source: ebook from author for honest review


One decision changed her life forever. One choice could seal her fate for eternity.

By accepting her destiny, Calliope entered the enchanting world of Faylinn. She wasn’t prepared for all the compromises she would be forced to make. After being thrown into her duties as queen, she must pick her battles wisely or risk losing the respect of her kingdom.

With Kai and Declan by her side her confidence rises, but they can’t protect her from everything. When Faylinn is threatened Calliope is forced to face an even greater reality than she was prepared for. Haunted by the truthfulness of Favner’s last words, she realizes she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

Can Calliope be able to hold true to Faylinn’s beliefs while still following her heart, or will she be forced to sacrifice a part of herself to save her kingdom?

My take...

I shifted my gaze to the tree and saw Kai's eyes were not on them but one me. His eyes didn't shy away, and neither did mine. I wished I could read his thoughts to know what was running through his mind when he looked at me like that. There wasn't any way to really describe it. It wasn't any one emotion I could pin point. It was everything all at once, drowning me in an ocean of sensations of which I never wanted to let go.

Callie knew becoming queen was her destiny and it wouldn't be easy. But with talk of bonding to royalty and now death threats, well, these were things she did not sign up for.

My love for Callie and Kai grew to new heights in EMBER. Their interactions and banter was a lot of what I loved about them. They kept it fun but it was meaningful to the core. And my heart broke each and every time they realized that nothing could ever come from their feelings for one another. Unless Callie was able to change the laws that have been in place for thousands of years and face the wrath of those in her kingdom that still believe it is wrong to bond outside their own, it was fruitless to hope. Such a quandary.

When reading this book there was always this lurking and nudging that something is about to happen and it kept me on edge the entire time. It is amazing how Hayes pulls you in, keeps you teetering on what may come, and then smacks you with a load of WOW! And boy was it a WOW! It got me crazy excited to read LUMINARY. I just need to hurry and read some books so I can concentrate solely on it.

So many what if’s…so much left up in the air...I am so loving this series. 5 Stars!!

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