August 29, 2017

5* Review: THE GIRL WHO BROKE FREE by Angel Lawson


Author: Angel Lawson

Source: Kindle Unlimited


Alex has overcome many obstacles since the apocalypse began.

She lost her home.

She lost her mother.

And now she's lost the man she loves.

Imprisoned by Chloe and the Hybrid Army she's put to the test mentally and physically. Alex must rely on an unlikely ally to survive and endure immense pain to protect those she cares about. Determined to fight back she must make decisions that will alter the world she's come to know-even if it results in an unpredictable future.

Will Alexandra make the right decision? Will the results be worth the risk?

My take…

I don’t want to cry. I never do, but sometimes it’s all just too much. Fighting to survive is one thing. Fighting for love? I’m in uncharted territory and I have a feeling the man laying inches away is in the same situation. 

Just when I think my heart has recovered from the latest torture this author lays on her readers, I am struck yet again with heartbreak and grief. My poor heart will need some down time after I finish this series. Please note I will be seeking out all the fluffy, lighthearted reads the Indie world has to offer once I close the last book. Recommendations appreciated. 

And if I thought writing the review for book 4 of a series was hard, book 5 is even worse. But here we are...practically down to the end. And there doesn’t seem to be much hope for Alex. Losing Wyatt was the last straw. Her will is broken and doesn’t even want to live in this god forsaken world if he is not a part of it. Torn from her family and friends, Alex will have to navigate through actual pain and misery if she wants to protect those she loves. At times it seems nearly impossible.

This series will surely be the death of me. I hope after all that went down in this book (and it is a whole heck of a lot), all that happens with Alex, and that crazy as all get out ending...that something surely will go right for once in the final installment. Right? It just has to. Guess it is time to find out. Let's do this! Once again, 5 Stars!

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