September 26, 2017

Now Live: CHASING DARKNESS by Julie Cassar #5StarReview

Title: Chasing Darkness

Author: Julie Cassar 

Source: eARC from author for review

As Cecelia Walker embraces her gift of stealing Light, she learns of the horror that lurks in every shadow. A hellacious evil force seeks to quench its insatiable hunger for power. Which souls will fall in the path of its destruction?

Angels, Anninox, and other-worldly warriors wreak havoc and join in the battle for souls, while CeeCee and Cash find themselves as pawns in the center of this deadly game. Chasing the Darkness, they discover that all choices come with a cost. Will her power be enough to save them, or will it be used against her as Dark forces invade every inch of her life and threaten to drive a wedge between these long-lost soulmates?

My take...

The shadows didn’t scare me anymore. 
The Darkness didn’t scare me anymore. I had His Light.

I had Cassius. And, I knew he would always come for me. 

We pick up right where we left off in STEALING LIGHT. Even though Aaron is gone, CeeCee and Cash are together. But CeeCee must learn to put her trust in her newest Guardian (who is nothing like Aaron), keep her Light safely intact (something that is becoming increasingly harder to do), and her soulmate forever by her side (all while he guards her best friend). 

I absolutely loved the first book, STEALING LIGHT, and was so excited to hear that Cassar was ready to deliver CHASING DARKNESS to her devoted fans. With the ending to book one, we were left with a bittersweetness. We lost Aaron but we realized that Cash and CeeCee were soulmates with a love only the Creator could fashion together in the stars. But now things only get worse. The Darkness is coming at her at all angles. CeeCee and Cash must work with her newest Guardian to figure out a way to stop the Darkness from stealing her Light. A battle is looming and hell or high water, CeeCee is determined not to lose another person she loves. But will her determination be enough? 

Fantastic read that was steadily paced, wonderfully written, and so very steamy. Yeah, freaking steamy. And I had forgotten how funny CeeCee is with her inner monologue throughout the story. She is definitely a hoot. And what is that facebook meme going around? “She has a good heart but that mouth.” Ha! That is our CeeCee. 

5 Must Read Stars! 

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