May 12, 2018

Interview: Kasi Blake, Author of BAIT #FreeRead

*What would you be doing right now if you were not an author?
I was a teacher for a while, grades K thru 3, so I would probably be doing that. I loved the kids, but hated the hours.

*5 years ago: what were you doing?
I was just starting to publish my books then. I had already gotten published by Harlequin, but the romance thing didn’t work for me. I wanted to do paranormal fantasy.

*Do you have a certain writing ritual? *
If I wake up early, I like to listen to loud music and write for a while. Sometimes I do this late at night. Can’t really do it during the day because I need to hear if the phone rings or if someone comes to the door.

*Biggest writing pet peeve?
The first chapter is always the hardest. I write and rewrite and rewrite that first scene because I can’t continue until I know how the book starts. Maybe I’ll get rid of some other scenes or change them around, but that first scene has to be write. I don’t always know the ending, but I have to know how it starts. For instance, I am working on a faerie book right now, and I have started with several different openings. I’m still trying to figure it out. Sometimes I think I must have at least 50 first chapters. Eventually one just clicks.

*Do you read other's reviews of your books?
I try not to because then I am thinking about what they said while I’m trying to write. It can really get inside your head. Plus, some people say things that make me so mad I want to respond, but I was taught to leave things like that alone. You don’t want to fight on social media. A few have said they love my books but don’t understand why only the first in the series is free. Why can’t I put all my books free? I have to eat. That’s my answer. I always want to ask them if they work for free, but I don’t. Sometimes it’s best to just let things go.

*Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with:
Mine or someone else’s? If mine, then I would have to say Nick Gallos from Bait. Not only is he hot and a rock star, but he kills vampires (and other monsters) so that would make for an interesting day. If a character by someone else, I would have to go with Jace from City of Bones. I love his sarcastic comments.

*Fav song and/or singer:
I love songs that tell a story and inspire me when I’m writing a difficult scene. Lately I’ve been listening to Jar of Hearts and What Ifs a lot. My favorite singers at the moment are Daughtery, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Clarkson.

*Guilty pleasure:
Supernatural. Sometimes I put writing aside and spend the whole day binge watching this television show.

*What books do you have out right now?
Vampires Rule (a series of six books and growing) Bait (a complete four book series) and the Witch-Game books (two that can be read as standalone novels). And remember, the first book in the vampire series and Bait is free at almost all online retailers.

*Where can readers find you on social media?
My website is and I am @kasiblake on Twitter. I have a group called Team Blake on Facebook that they can join, and I am on Wattpad. They all keep me pretty busy. I love to hear from readers.

Kasi Blake is the author of several YA Paranormal Fantasy/Urban Fantasy novels. She wrote her first short story at the age of twelve. It's been a long and wild ride from writing The End on that story and getting published by an actual publishing house decades later. In her spare time she devours books in different genres (but YA Fantasy is her favorite), plays Words with Friends on FB, takes care of her animals (she lives on a farm), and she builds and decorates houses in her mind while trying to fall asleep. 

If you want to join her group (Team Blake) to find out more about her and her books, that is the name of it. You can hunt on FB for it or go to her website and find it under the Join Newsletter tab.

What’s more dangerous? Hunting monsters or falling in love? Bay-Lee is about to find out.

The youngest Van Helsing joins her father’s secret school, a training camp for hunters. Bay-Lee quickly learns survival is more important than good grades. She gets kidnapped on her first night, kicked in the face by another student, and labeled as Bait. If she wants to rank-up to Hunter, she’ll have to prove herself. There are plenty of opportunities, especially now that someone or some ‘thing’ is killing students on their birthdays. 

Bay-Lee, along with a few new friends and an angry hunter with the most amazing eyes she’s ever seen, will have to follow the clues to find the supernatural killer before it’s her turn. Her birthday is coming up fast.

Nick Gallos has lived two separate identities: a vampire hunter and an infamous rock star. He has toured the world, but now he’s back at Van Helsing’s school in time to see the man’s daughter start her training. Nick hates her on sight. She ruined his life... now it’s time to ruin hers.

Alec pointed at her. “And what about this one? Are any of you willing to mentor Van Helsing’s daughter?”
Van cast a worried look at the crowd. His expression sent a dark cloud over her heart. Up until now it hadn’t occurred to her that someone might not want the responsibility of mentoring the founder’s sole child. They might be worried he would watch their every move, criticize how they were handling things, or even remove them from the school for poor mentoring.
She scanned the crowd, searching each and every face for a willing person.
Gazes lowered, refusing to meet hers. This was it. If no one stepped forward, she would be sent packing. Fingernails dug into the tender flesh of her palms. Shallow breaths refused to give her much needed oxygen, and she felt slightly dizzy. Passing out would not give them confidence in her ability to finish their training program.
Alec smirked, seemingly satisfied that she was on her way home.
Van opened his mouth, preparing to verbally intervene. Maybe he would offer to mentor her. After all, they had a deal, and she’d kept her end of the bargain. Now it was his turn. No matter what, she was not leaving this school until she could kill a pack of werewolves on her own.
Nick moved forward with a smooth walk bordering on a swagger. “I’ll stand for her.”
Uneasy chatter floated on the night air.
The blood drained from Alec’s face.
Van’s jaw tightened.
Nick Gallos, the dead rock star, the one who was supposed to stay away from her was offering to be her mentor. His mouth twisted as his wary gaze touched upon her face briefly. Palpable anger radiated off him in hot waves. The guy didn’t even like her, so why was he willing to help her?

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