August 20, 2018

5*Review: HEAVEN IN HELL, Episodes 5-8 Box Set by Dia Cole

Title: HEAVEN IN HELL, Episodes 5-8 Box Set

Author: Dia Cole

Source: eARC for honest review

Estimated Release Date: August 28, 2018

This Heaven in Hell boxed set includes the second set of episodes (five through eight) in the Heaven in Hell post-apocalyptic paranormal romance series. 

Episode Five: Hidden truths are unspoken lies…
Lee, with no memory of her last mission, is struggling to understand her new abilities and terrifying cravings. Instead of providing answers, Dominic accuses her of betrayal and maintains an icy distance. With danger mounting both inside and outside the safe house, Lee must choose between her conflicting feelings for the lethal sergeant and saving an innocent from a fate worse than death. 

Episode Six: The battle for survival starts from within… 
Furious with Reed and Dominic for their betrayal, Lee attempts a dangerous solo mission to rescue an abducted child. Tensions explode when the men insist on accompanying her deep into zombie territory. Unsure of who she can trust, Lee discovers they aren't the only ones after the little girl and those hunting her are far more terrifying than the dead. 

Episode Seven: There is nowhere to hide from the monster inside… 
When Lee misses another dose of serum, Dominic’s lies unravel and the truth about her monstrous nature is finally revealed. As Lee battles her cravings for flesh and blood, she must confront the horrifying realization that she may be the greatest threat to them all. 

Episode Eight: Death is only the beginning…
A surprise attack leaves Lee and her friends in peril. Lee knows she must do everything in her power to stop their enemy’s diabolical plans and rescue those she loves. But by giving into her darkness she risks losing her humanity and unleashing a new evil on the world. 

My take…

Recently returning from a mission she can no longer remember and to the cold shoulder of the man she longs for, Lee is finding out bits and pieces of what really happened while away from the safehouse. It is up to her to piece the rest of the puzzle back together and figure out what is going on inside of her before she loses all control to the monster within. 

I was so happy to have ran across this author and this series. You can count on Cole to bring some delicious steam, a unique story and lots of ravenous zombies in every episode. With these four episodes you will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions and twists at nearly every turn. Lives will be at stake and future left to the unknown. 

HEAVEN IN HELL is a brilliant series with an ever evolving plot, fantastic writing, and the best thing of all...zombies!! This series has it all. I cannot wait to see where all this series takes us. 5 Stars!

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