September 19, 2020

5*Review: WARLORD by Jagger Cole


Author: Jagger Cole

Source: eARC from author for honest review


She wants me dead. I want her as my wife.

They call me a savage. A beast. A jungle warlord fighting a forgotten war in a place the world forgot. And believe me, that suits me just fine. No rules, no BS, no baggage.

That is, until the very second Isla Carrington steps off a plane and into my world as my captive.

She’s everything I’ve ever run from – brains, sass, and beauty. She's a literal royal duchess, for God’s sake. She also might be everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s dangerous for her to be here. Not because of the bullets, mortars, or the man-eating tigers that prowl this jungle. It’s dangerous because her being here temps me.

I should send her packing. But a rival wants my head on a plate after a misunderstanding. The only way I keep it on my neck is if I pretend my gorgeous captive is my new wife.

I threw myself into a jungle war for the freedom to be alone and escape the world. Now, I’ll do anything to keep her with me. And all to myself.

My take...

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Isla’s book. She wasn’t one I was overly fond of, with the small bits we saw of her in OUTLAW. But I absolutely loved her and her feistiness when pitted against Killian. They were perfect for each other. When one pushed, the other pulled. And vice versa. They are a fabulous team that made for one another.

WARLORD was another exciting, on fire, pulse pounding read that absolutely added to this fantastic series by Cole. Keep them coming. 5 Stars!

4.5*Review: AFTER WE MET by Evan Grace



Author: Evan Grace

Source: KU


Gorgeous. Sweet. Funny. He made me feel things that I’ve never felt before. In just one short week over Spring Break, I began to fall in love. That is until it all fell apart. Now, here I am, three years later and I’ve moved on, at least that’s what I told myself until he came crashing back into my life. Things have changed. I’ve changed, and there’s something he doesn’t know.

He wants me to give us another chance. I try to fight it, but it’s not long before all of those same old feelings come rushing back. I know he feels it too. I can see it every time he looks at me. I can feel it every time he touches me.

It feels like I’m missing something. Like there’s something that he’s not telling me. Something that has the potential to tear it all apart. After all, it’s not easy when you fall in love with your best friends’ father. I didn’t stand a chance after we met.

My take...

My first mistake was reading reviews on goodreads for this book. There are some nasty people over there. And one review was so bad, the reviewer kept calling Damon the wrong name throughout. So why should I take their word that this was a 1 star read? I decided to find out for myself.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the story. It has the age gap I love so much and the romance was exactly what I love. Sure, Damon gave a lame excuse for his horrible mess up. But fear is terrible thing and makes even the strongest weak sometimes.

I rated this book 4.5 stars, not because of the excuses thrown around, but because of some repetition throughout the story and how the author would go into a bit too much details at time. Other than that, it would have been a solid 5 stars.