March 15, 2021

Goodbye I Read Indie, hello Mandy Reads Indie

I have decided, it’s finally time to officially close my blog and move things over to Instagram. My blog has brought me so much joy over the years...until it didn’t. What started out as a labor of love, ended up feeling like straight labor. The kind without an epidural and those contractions are coming in hot. 

I didn’t like going over here to post reviews and would sometimes go weeks without sharing anything. (Ok, maybe even months.) I quit signing up for book tours because I knew it would mean signing in and spending too long at my computer getting html’s to work or images to stay right where I wanted them. The thought of it all absolutely exhausted me. Then Blogger went and janked up their formatting. (I am still not over that betrayal.) 

 I soon discovered how simple and time reducing IG could be. Along with that came my new hobby of making edits for books. While I am far from being a Bookstagrammer, (those guys are beyond talented) I find posting on IG so much less stressful. 

So, goodbye Blogger & hello Instagram. Goodbye I Read Indie, hello Mandy Reads Indie. 

 I will keep my blog up for anyone still searching out books, reviews or old interviews. But there will be no new updated posts. 

A lot  of you follow me on my personal IG acct @booknerd1 and it’s fine if you’d like to follow both. But my book only acct is @Mandyreadsindie. Message me for reviews or shares. Always happy to help. So, give me a follow over there and say hi!! 

p.s. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all the authors I have met over the last decade through the blog. An even bigger thank you to KA Tucker and Shelly Crane for making me get out of my comfort zone and start writing reviews. Those were the first 2 authors to nudge me into reviewing. And I honestly didn’t think anyone would want to hear what I had to say. I also want to say a huge thank you to all the authors that nominated me and this blog for awards such as Blog of the Year. My heart is full!!