February 16, 2021

Now Live: SMOKE & MIRRORS by Michelle B #5StarReview


One night is all it took.
One night changed all of my plans.
One night laid a road map out for the rest of my life.

My heart now belongs to him- Antonio Robert Heart, the underboss of the Heart Syndicate that governs over New York and its five boroughs. He rules with an unwavering hand yielding the blade of his knife, but when his strong hands touch me, I become liquid. I melt into his all-consuming prowess.

The thing is, he doesn't want me... even though he craves me.

I don’t date. I don’t love. I don’t want marriage and I do not want children. I only allow myself companionship when the desire is there.

Lilah Tomlinson was supposed to be one night-one hour at the most.

I was a fool.

My desire for her prevailed and I let her in... only to find out she has betrayed me. That muscle in my chest, the one she has penetrated and brought to life, it shrivels with the worst kind of anger: WRATH.


I am literally kicking myself right now. I started BREATHE WITH ME, which was Caelen & Sofia’s story, a while back. But another arc came up and I had to put it away. Bad thing is, I never got around to finishing it. Not that this story couldn’t be a standalone. It absolutely could. But there is so much back story and characters I would love to know more about had I read all of the Heart Series. There is so much to love about all these other characters.

Ok, onward we go into my thoughts of Antonio & Lilah’s story. I remember going along and enjoying their story and being “yeah this is an ok read” when the “oh what the heck did Lilah just say?” part happened. I had to read those last few sentences of that chapter a couple times. Then the rest of the story became like “hell yeah that’s what I’m talking about” kind of read. I was 100% reading whenever I could. I was in deep once that secret twist was revealed and only found myself sinking deeper as the story continued on and the twists kept coming.

Antonio is a complete alpha a-hole. He did nothing for me from the beginning. Up until halfway through that is. Then I was giving him lusty side eyes, knowing there was more to him. Of course he showed his alpha a-hole side a few more times, but I was willing to let those slide. I had faith he would redeem himself from his a-hole’ish tendencies.

SKOKE AND MIRRORS was a delicious, well written story that has me eager for what comes next for the Hearts. All the stars!!

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