July 30, 2011

Top 10 with Shelly Crane

Top 10 with my new favorite person, Author Shelly Crane

When I asked Shelly to do this she told me she was too boring. And after reading her answers I came to the conclusion I must be boring too since most of my answers would have been about the same. I recently reviewed her book Collide and I am currently reading Uprising (Collide #2) for review. LOVING this series!!

So here we go...
1. fav author and/or book? Richelle Mead and my fav series is between Vampire Academy and Mortal Instruments

2. fav singer and/or song? My fav right now is between Mutemath and Band Of Skulls. Fav all time....probably Snow Patrol.

3. fav item you cannot live without? Um....my little idea notebooks. I have one stashed in every nook and cranny ;) just in case.

4. Most fav food of all time? My granny's lasagna and Carabas Chicken Bryan

5. fav movie and/or actor/actress? Fav movie would be Elf with Will Ferrell (i know.....) and fav actor is hands down Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends is my 2nd fav movie)

6. fav hobby?(and writing doesn't count ) We travel with my hubbys job so. Finding cool things for my family to do. Climbing Indian burials mounds...canoing in the swamp...catching 3D movies in the middle of the day...zoos...daytrips to nowhere...finding popular things to do in each city we go to.

7. fav color? Black and olive green

8. fav season and/or holiday? Definately fall. I DO NOT like the heat. Fav holiday is def Christmas but not because of presents. I love decorating and family get togethers.

9. fav place to go or dream of going? I would LOVE to go to Egypt or Italy. I love history.

10. Do you collect anything interesting? Movie stubs and those black broken pieces of clam shells you find on the beach.
Shelly did add one more...#11  My favorite bookblogger? Hmmm. Its swifting becoming Twimom101 ;)  (awww *blushes*)

Definitely NOT boring! LOVE Elf, Snow Patrol, Ryan Reynolds, and both VA & TMI are both awesome book series.
You can get in contact with Shelly here...

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