August 21, 2011

Mini Review: Shattered into Pieces

Shattered into Pieces by Crystal Cattabriga

Title: Shattered into Pieces

Author: Crystal Cattabriga

Publisher: Crystal Cattabriga (July 16, 2011)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

Source: From Author

Goodreads Summary:

Shattered Into Pieces is a true story based on events that took place in my life. A man I once call dad and trusted was now the man I was trying to escape from. Would I ever be able to deal with what was coming next? The shocking truth of who he really was and what he really did will leave you stunned. Find out how I survived and found closure to the life I knew and now left behind once and for all.

My take:
I haven't read much non-fiction type books before, maybe since high school. But when Crystal Cattabriga asked me if I would be interested in reading her book, I thought why not. Shattered into Pieces is Crystal's take on her life growing up with a dead beat dad whose past is nothing but lies and deception. She takes you from the moment it all began until the end where she learns to find closure and peace.
Crystal Cattabriga wrote this book in order to help her move on from the lies that plagued her growing up and into adult hood. Her story is real and she tells it like it is. Maybe her story can help encourage you with the difficulties you are facing in your life.


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