November 26, 2011

Review: I'm Yours by Lindsay Paige

I'm Yours (Bold as Love #2) by Lindsay Paige

Title: I'm Yours (Bold as Love #2)

Author: Lindsay Paige

Source: ebook from author for review

After the incident with Claire, Emily encounters more problems. Conrad is back with explanations and hope. Emily wants to give him a chance to explain himself. She can't help but wonder why he left. However, Jake isn't comfortable with Emily going out to eat with an old lover.
Will things be too much for Emily to handle? Will Emily do the one thing she knows best and withdraw? Will Emily and Jake's love for one another keep them from shattering? 
My Take...
When I was reading Sweetness, Lindsay Paige took it off the market for revisions to part 2 of the book. I did a review for part one and you can read it HERE. If you haven't read part one then there might be some spoilers for you.
After a horrific incident with a girl from school, Emily and Jake have settled into a comfortable pattern of boyfriend and girlfriend. Thanks to Jake being so supportive and caring, Emily has finally broken free of her past. But life is not always sunshine and butterflies for the happy couple. Ex-boyfriends and unexpected consequences rear their ugly head and Jake and Emily must decide if their love is really worth fighting for.
In I’m Yours, Paige has written a realistic view on teenage romance and hardships. I guess it doesn’t hurt that the author is a teenager herself. You will most definitely want to read this follow up to Sweetness, to find out where life takes them and if love really is worth it. I believe it is!

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