November 5, 2011

Top 10 with Johannes Gouws

Today's TOP 10 is with Johannes Gouws, author of Hot Dogs Under the Dakota.
I love doing this post because everyone has such different and great answers.
1.Guilty Pleasure and 2. Most favourite food...

For me these two go together. Ben & Gerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie, a spoon, and a good show on TV.

3. One book to read over and over again...
To kill a Mockingbird. I love the book's message, the writing style (easy and relaxed) and the child's view point.
This book was a big influence in my writing Hot dogs under The Dakota. I hasten to add, I do not compare my feeble efforts in any way with Harper Lee's classic.

4. Your on a deserted island, what would you bring with you?
My PC, and hopefully I will have an internet connection to chat with my friends.

5 Worst Vacation?
One hears of dreadful hotel or flight disasters, etc., some people have on their holidays. I have been fortunate in that regard. My worst experience was being stuck in Deadwood, South Dakota, for several days because our flight back to the UK was held up by a volcanic cloud over Europe. Hardly what one would describe as a hardship. We were in a lovely old hotel (built in 1900) in a picturesque "frontier" town, with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves.

6 Favorite Song and/or Singer?
Andrea Bocelli singing anything - but particularly with Sarah Brightman singing, Time To Say Goodbye.

7 Fictional Character you would like to spend the day with...
Fictional characters tend to be "larger than life," otherwise they would be boring. I think most of us would, in real life, find them a bit too rich for our diet. I can't think of any, except perhaps my own main character, Petie, in Hot dogs under The Dakota. But then, he is my "creation," so you would expect me to say that.

8 One place in the world you would love to visit?
I have been extremely fortunate in having travelled extensively over the years, and seen many famous sites. So I would need to go far afield, to China, to see the Great Wall and the TerraCotta army.

9.Favorite movie?
I love this question because it's impossible to answer. There are, of course, the great classics of our time, but every age has its great classics, and movies seem to "date" so much more obviously than, say, books, or tunes. Some of the great movies of the seventies, for example, are truly painful to watch today.
I would need to go for a movie with a simple plot, simple does not mean idiotic, but rather uncontrived and uncomplicated. I hate anything where the wires of the plot are obvious. To me, that is shoddy writing. And when you come out of the cinema, and say, "What he hell was that all about?" then the movie has failed dismally. A beautiful example of a clean totally believable plot is Road To Perdition; and it keeps you rooted to your seat to the very last minute.
I worked very hard to make the plot of Hot dogs under The Dakota as believable as possible. It seems I succeeded as I have had numerous readers ask me if the story is a biography. Lol. I regard that a compliment.

10 Do you have a hobby?
My hobby is Patchwork Quilting. I started one year ago, and have made several place mats and a king-size bed quilt. I find playing with colours and working with quality fabrics very satisfying.

I would have to agree with you on Deadwood...especially since the last and only time I was there was as a child. And that is totally awesome you do Patchwork Quilting...I wish I was that talented. Thanks for the great answers!!

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