December 9, 2011

Review: Between Worlds:Nekkel Ace by Yianna Yiannacou

Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace by Yianna Yiannacou

Title: Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace

Author: Yianna Yianncou

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Source: ebook from author for review


On a distant planet called Caledonia, a young woman named Sophia Amaro embarks on a journey to self-discovery. Living the sheltered life with servants waiting on her hand and foot everyday just isn't enough for her. After an accident which leaves her father in critical condition, it's up to her to save his life. But to find the cure, she must visit the forbidden planet: Earth. Sophia uses the secret portal to journey to Earth. Not only is she trying to save her father's life, but she also has to figure out what she wants to do with her own along the way. Just when things couldn't get more complicated, she unexpectedly finds love. Sophia has to realize what is more important to her; her father's life, or the one she loves.

Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace will have you turning the page after every chapter, eager to learn what will happen next

My take...

Sophia lives on the planet Caledonia and spends her days out in her garden dreaming of one day visiting Earth. But her parents have forbid her from ever going there. Telling her humans must never find out about them and their planet. After an accident leaves her father in a coma, Sophia learns there may be a cure on Earth that can heal him. So Sophia takes off in search of the Nekkel Ace in order to help her father. But when Sophia falls in love with a human, she must decide if she should return to her family to try and save her father or continue living on Earth with the man she loves.

Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace started off a little slow for me. After about half way through, when Sophia arrives on Earth, it finally started picking up. I enjoyed the every bit of her time spent with Joshua and the two falling in love. The whole storyline was a good concept, but I just couldn’t really get into it. I never really got a good feel for the main character Sophia. I didn’t hate her, just couldn’t relate to her.

Between Worlds is a cute story that I could see a being a good fit for a younger YA audience. But sadly the story just wasn’t for me.

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