December 21, 2011

Review: Catalyst by Shelly Crane

Catalyst (Collide #3) Shelly Crane

Title: Catalyst (Collide #3)

Author: Shelly Crane

Source: eARC from author for review

Expected Publish Date: Dec 24, 2011

In the third installment of the Collide series, we start off with Sherry, taken prisoner in the enforcement facility. The little bunker family must now decide whether it's worth the risk to try to save her or if it would bring doom to them all. Lily has started showing signs of her gift progressing, which may not be a desirable thing. And as Marissa starts to act strangely, Jeff must come to terms that there may be more to her illness that meets the eye.
Daniel, the Lighter who shocked Lillian with his human emotions will reappear, but for what purpose? Will Sherry be rescued before it's too late? Will Daniel prove to be a genuine miracle? Will Cain be able to fully get over his love for Sherry and move on with Lillian? And how much more trouble can the new Taker cause for the rebels?
Some will make it and some won't as the story continues...

My take...
Sherry has been taken captive by the Lighters and now the group must go in search of her to bring her back to their ‘family’. But will they be able to get to her in time or will the torture prove to be too much for Sherry? Can Merrick manage to keep it together long enough to save the woman he loves? And how does Daniel, the Lighter that helped them in the past, play a role in all of it?

When Collide started out it was a Sherry and Merrick story. But now, new and old characters are getting more time in the spotlight and new relationships are beginning to form. Cain and Lillian are starting to realize that what they have is bigger than the both of them, Marissa and Jeff are about to go through something that neither thought possible, and even new characters will bring something wonderful to the series.

Shelly Crane is a wonderful story teller and she did an amazing job with Catalyst. The people she writes about; their love for one another is by far what makes this series so awesome. It’s like they all know that no matter what, in the end, love is the only thing that matters. They took care of each other and became a true family in every sense of the word. And even with all the evil in the world, happiness and goodness can still exist in a underground bunker.

Shelly wrote a heart wrenching, incredible story that was by far the hardest of hers for me to put down. I look forward to more books from her and hopefully a happily ever after for the characters of this series. And yes Shelly will answer to me if anything happens to my Merrick. *Gives Evil Eye*

You can read an excerpt HERE on my blog. And Shelly has posted a few on her facebook

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  1. I can't wait to read Shelly Crane's books! I went on a bender about 3 weeks ago and bought all her published works. Awesome review.

    Merry Christmas!