December 6, 2011

Review: Young Love Murder by April Brookshire

Young Love Murder (Young Assassins #1) by April Brookshire
book review

Title: Young Love Murder

Author: April Brookshire

Source: ebook from author for review

First love’s a killer, but so is seventeen-year-old Annabelle Blanc. She was raised to be an assassin and taught to never fall in love. She’s at the top of her game until she meets Gabriel Sanchez. Totally devoted to her profession, she’s never been naive. Except for when it comes to love.
Wealthy, spoiled and self-indulgent, Gabriel Sanchez doesn’t think past his next conquest. Until he sets his sights on Annabelle. Expecting the mysterious Anna to be like every other girl, Gabriel finds himself drawn into a world of deception and murder.
As two worlds collide, will Annabelle and Gabriel be able to overcome betrayal, revenge and heartbreak to find love?

My take...
Annabelle falls head over heels in love with hottie Gabriel. He is everything she wants and cannot stop thinking about him, even though she told herself she would never fall in love. Only problem is Annabelle has to kill his father. Yep, she is a teenage assassin, and Gabriel's father just happens to be her next contract. Awkward much?

I really enjoyed the story of following Anna and Gabriel's relationship, watching them fall in love and the ups and downs that goes along with it. There is so much that happens in this story: fights, betrayal, shootings...and thats just between the happy couple. Young Love Murder I must say first is meant for the mature YA reader. Lots of steamy romance scenes that might not be suitable for younger readers of YA.

Throughout the book we get Anna and Gabriel's POV. And I would find myself snorting or laughing out loud to the snarky, sarcastic inner monologues of them both. Let me tell you, these 2 characters have met their match when they found each other. The characters are great, not to deep, but fun none the less. The author obviously loves action movies and took time to do research on fighting tactics and weapons. Only problem I had was I felt like the book could have easily been split into 2 books. It really had 2 different plots and being all in one book made the story kind of long. But other than that, I enjoyed every bit of Young Love Murder and look forward to book 2 in the series.

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