January 31, 2012

Review: Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

Title: Meeting Destiny

Author: Nancy Straight

Source: ebook from author for review, smashwords

Amazon description...
Lauren is visited in her dreams for years by a stranger claiming to be her destiny. Destiny becomes reality when paths cross during a failed robbery attempt. Lauren and the stranger experience chemistry like no other and now her doubt over her long time relationship with her high school sweetheart is not her only secret…someone else knows about her keen intuition and sixth sense.

A mysterious clairvoyant seeks Lauren out and tells her not only of her life now but what the future may hold. Soon Lauren is in the middle of a murder investigation and a questionable friendship with the key suspect. Law enforcement, friends and family are concerned for Lauren but unfortunately they are unaware of the true danger…Sinister forces are at work and will stop at nothing to destroy Lauren’s abilities.
My take...
Lauren helps prevent a robbery at a local restaurant and ended up getting shot in the process. While being rushed to the hospital she lays eyes on her paramedic and is shocked when she realizes he is the same guy that has visited her dreams the last 4 years, but he doesn’t seem to recognize her. What does this all mean? And when Lauren meets a stranger on the bus who leaves her with more questions than answers, she is more confused than ever.
Let me just say…I love Max! Besides Lauren he is my fav character in the book. He is adorable and you can tell he really cares for Lauren. I also loved seeing Lauren evolve from a girl who went with the flow of things because it was expected of her to a strong, independent woman. Yay to Straight for giving us an independent woman who is not afraid to go after what she believes is right. And yay to Straight for writing a story that was easy for me to lose myself in.
Meeting Destiny is a brilliant story that kept me in bed most of the day reading. I didn't want to put it down. Loved the path the story took and drank up everything it had to offer. And with an ending you won't see coming that leaves you utterly heartbroken, you will want to go ahead and get book 2 so you can dive right in to it. Kudos Straight for giving me a wonderful new series to obsess over.


  1. Thanks so much Mandy for the wonderful review!! I'm so glad you liked it! *Hugs* Nancy

    1. I am reading Destiny's Revenge now :))

  2. When reading a book I like looking at the cover, since the cover is how the author and publisits see one of the chacters in the story. I love how sweet and alouring the cover looks on this book wanting to know more about this chartcer. Since most of the books i like to read on my own are paranormal and romance books. It was very easy to sit and read this book. Learning about Lauren and Max it in tisted me wanting to know more about Lauren and Max. With Lauren having a keen intuition and sense of people. She can tell if they have good or bad intentions, almost like she has a sixth sense about things. It was this that made the robbery attempt just an attempt.

    Thier is so many twists and turns in this book that you are going to have to read this heart capturing book to find out what happens.