February 25, 2012

Mini Review: A Merman's Kiss by Laura Lond

Title: A Merman's Kiss

Author: Laura Lond

Short Story

Source: ebook from author


The old legend says that a merman’s kiss will make a girl pretty and bring her luck. One poor working girl is desperate enough to try it. She is warned that she must do everything exactly as she is told… but never warned about the effect it might have on the merman.

My mini review...

Leatra and Ellie are very poor sisters working for the Lady in the mansion. Both sisters are very plain looking and as their mother says ‘Not even a merman’s kiss would help them’. Leatra desperately wants to look beautiful and win the heart of a young man. She is tired of being a scullery maid, cleaning dishes and sweeping floors, she wants more. Ellie wishes for these same things but believes there is hope if given enough time. So what happens when the sisters learn that the merman legend just might be real?

I thought this was a cute read and jumped at the chance to read it. I love books dealing with mermen and mermaids and this one had a good storyline. I couldn’t get a good feel for the characters with it being such a short read, there just wasn’t time for them to fully develop. And I was not pleased with the abrupt ending; giving the readers no closure for certain characters.

Over all, a cute and extremely fast read. If you have a few minutes A Merman’s Kiss is worth your time.

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