February 13, 2012

Review: Destiny's Revenge by Nancy Straight

Destiny's Revenge by Nancy Straight

Title: Destiny's Revenge

Author: Nancy Straight

Source: ebook from author for review


There was no reason for Lauren to be in a coma. Her physical injuries had healed, but she had been non-responsive for so long that her doctors told her family and Max to move on. She awoke to find her life in a shambles; the man she loved was gone, her friends had moved on with their lives, and her family was ripped apart by her accident. No one knew of the evil forces watching, waiting for her in the shadows, in the lonely corners, even in the eyes of those she loved. Lauren needed to reclaim her destiny, to get her life back; the last thing she ever expected was Destiny’s Revenge.

My take...
If you have not read Meeting Destiny...then A.) there might be spoilers and B.) why the flip not?

Lauren wakes up and realizes years have passed and the man she loves has left her, believing she will never wake from her coma. Each day after she is fighting to walk again and busy making friends with one of the residents recovering from hip surgery. Yeah life is good for Lauren...she young and living in a nursing home. *Insert sarcastic sigh here*

Soon Lauren realizes that she gained a new talent when she was attacked by the evil beast in the mountains. She can see others in the present...which will help with staying one step ahead of the creature but also being able to drop in on those she loves. It's a blessing and a curse.

Ok, going to stop there and let you read the rest for yourself. I hate to give away awesome events in a review that will take place in this book. Yes, awesome and yummy events. Oh did that get your attention? Thought it might. But gosh, Straight had me doing 180’s on some of the characters towards the end of the book. It’s crazy how a twist in the story got me feeling totally different about certain people. This book will be weighing on my mind for several days.

Destiny’s Revenge was so, so good and I was so happy to be given the chance to read it so quickly after finishing up Meeting Destiny. Straight is a fabulous author and she really knows how to hook a person. I am officially obsessing over the plot and characters. Love it all! Eager to start up Destiny’s WrathBRING.IT.ON!

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