March 15, 2012

Top 10 with Author Emma Mills

Please Welcome Author Emma Mills to the blog today for her Top 10!! Her book Witchblood was released around the first of the year and is receiving some awesome reviews.

From her goodreads page...
Hi I'm Emma. I am happily married with two lovely children. I have always loved reading and writing and have just written my first novel. After aquiring an obsessive love of supernatural teen novels...yes I'm a Twilight fan...I decided to write my own supernatural story based here in Manchester in the UK, near where I live and grew up. It's currently dark, windy, cold and very very wet... and easy to get inspiration!

1. fav song/singer? I love a variety of music including Coldplay and Birdie, but currently my favourite songs are Bruno Mars 'It will rain' and Taylor Swifts 'Safe & Sound' from The Hunger Games...yeah I like soundtracks!

2. fav season? That would have to be Spring. I am a lover of sunshine, I live in the Peak District in the UK where it always rains and is too cold! Recently we have had our best sunshine in the all the flowers are out, the baby birds are invading the gardens, and it's just lovely!

3. worst vacation? Hmm I've had a few, but it would probably be when we went to Turkey when I was 2 months pregnant with our first child! Unfortunately for me they were having a heat wave and it was in the 100's and I can't remember feeling sicker in my entire life! I remember just lying on our bed in the room every evening and sending my husband down to the restaurant to eat! I have no idea why they call it morning sickness...for me it was 'all day sickness'!

4. guilty pleasure? All things Twilight - books, movies & Robert Pattinson ;)

5. fav book and/or author? This is too difficult to answer as I'd have favourite authors for different moods-my house is lined with books! But my favourite book/s/author I read in 2011 was Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games

6. one item you cannot live without?
My laptop! I actually just drowned it with a mug of tea last week & luckily only just killed the keyboard which is being replaced tomorrow, but it has been a nightmare. I've been in withdrawal!

7. hobby?
Currently I don't have the time for a hobby, everything went a little bit manic since I published Witchblood in January. I'm either writing, promoting, or looking after the kids and family! But before everything went crazy I liked sewing, knitting and pretty much anything crafty! Oh the one thing I do have time for is baking! I love cakes :)

8. fav movie/actor/actress?
Ahh! Another bad question! I love movies & my husband likes to torment me with this type of question! My answer always depends on my mood :) However one film I can always watch is 'Breakfast at Tiffanys', another is 'Amelie'. On another completely different track last night I watched 'Shallow Hal', which I've seen several times now and I love that too! Also as I have too young children I watch a LOT of Disney movies and I absolutely LOVE 'Tangled'. I think every woman should arm herself with a frying pan!

9. fav food? Tricky...or maybe it's me that's tricky! I change my mind a lot, but currently my favourite dinner is home-made veggie enchiladas. I stuff them with asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes & courgette and they are so lovely!

10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?) Ooo I don't know! I'm quite shy and not a massively impressed by famous people. What I'd really like would be to have an evening book group with a small group of indie authors who have become successful on their own steam and pick their brains! Obviously Amanda Hocking, then a couple of friendly authors I've met on twitter like Christiana Miller, Penelope Fletcher, K.C.Neal, and Dianna Hardy.
You really had some great answers. I usually try to make a witty comment here based off your answers. But I just love them ;)

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  1. That is by far the creepiest cover I have ever seen. It gives me the willies!!!!

  2. Aw! Thanks for hosting me! Re the creepy cover, funny you should say that I am actually running a poll on my blog to see if it is TOO scarey so pop over to and vote :)