April 25, 2012

Review: The Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter

Title: The Genius and the Muse
Author: Elizabeth Hunter
Source: eARC from author for review

Publish date: May 2nd, 2012
Kate Mitchell knew what she wanted: to finish her degree from Foothill Art Institute and break into the art world on her own terms. Just when she thinks she has it all figured out, new insight into a mysterious photograph by her artistic idol will lead her on a journey through the past.

A photograph. A painting. Lost dreams and secret pain. One clue leads to another, and Kate learns that pieces of the past might leave marks on her own future, leading to a love she never could have predicted.

One portrait may hold the answers, but learning its secrets will challenge everything Kate thought she knew about love, art, and life. A single picture can tell more than one story. In the end, a young artist will discover that every real love story is a unique work of art.
My take...
Someone once told Kate 'To understand Reed O'Connor, you have to understand Samantha Rhodes'. And that is exactly what Kate set out to do while trying to finish her thesis on Reed O'Connor. While talking to her friend and Professor, she learned that there was a story to Reed and she figured if she could find that story, she would understand a little more what make's Reed tick. She would be able to understand his work a little more too. What she didn't bargain for was the journey her own life would take.
Ok so I am not an art fan by any means. Yes I can appreciate a good painting or photograph, but I am not one to look deep and find its hidden meaning. But after reading The Genius and the Muse, I can see how people can get caught up in it. It takes a special person to be artist...to see the beauty in things that a lot of us just overlook.
Ok, now about the book...yes this wonderful book. I do believe this is my 2nd favorite book of 2012..well it's fighting On the Island (Tracey Garvis Graves) for the top spot. It didn't take long into the book before I realized I was falling in love with these amazing characters. And how could you not? They all hold such wonderful qualities it makes it easy to just adore them and want to read all you can about them. True, one of them may not be the most attractive of the bunch, but that is who stole my heart the most. Flat out loved him. Would so love if there was another story wrote about him.
 *cough* take a hint Elizabeth *cough*
And the storyline, don't get me started about the storyline. Truly amazing, crazy believable, and the story kept my interest the entire time. Do you know it actually hurt me to lay the book down? I didn’t want to be away from it. I think hubby can go to work one day without ironed pants, right? Sure I took a second to tweet Elizabeth to let her know she had a winner on her hands, but then it was right back to reading. I loved how Elizabeth portrayed the story. One chapter we are reading about Kate and her quest to know Reed, the next it was Reed or Sam giving us bits and pieces to how the relationship ended. Very emotional towards the end...so be forewarned!
Yep, the morning after finishing the book I was still gushing over it; wanting anyone and everyone to read it. But alas you cannot, well at least not until next week (May 2nd). I want you to read this book; I need you to read this book. I want you to get to know these people, to see their story unfold before you. Remarkable read…absolutely remarkable.


  1. I have read all three of Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mystery books and have absolutely loved each of them and recommended them to several friends and family. I will be doing the same for this book! I really loved it as well. I devoured it in two days and did not want to go to work so I could stay home and read this book. As soon as I finished it I wanted to read it again...so I did! I loved the way the story was laid out, going between past and present. I don't want to give away too much of the plotline, but it was wonderful. I could have read a complete book from both timelines. I just can't say enough how much I truly loved this book. It really is a beautiful story.

    1. ah! a fellow Hunter fan!! I am in need of reading this one again...but I have too many reviews on my plate. hopefully soon. I truly loved it.