May 14, 2012

Review: Perilous Light by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Title: Perilous Light

Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Source: ebook for review for blog tour

A year has passed since Charlotte and Kevin first stepped
through the gate into Energo and neither has been able to settle back into their normal lives. Charlotte tries to distract herself from thoughts of Calvin with the antics of James and her growing friendship with Liam. Kevin can’t seem to shake his feelings for Samantha as he adjusts to his new identity as a college basketball player.

When they unexpectedly return to Energo, both Charlotte and Kevin must face their fears and become the leaders they were always meant to be.

My Take..
It's been a year since Charlotte has been back to Energo; a year since Charlotte has been in Calvin's arms and the pain hasn't eased up since. It took every ounce of strength that she had to leave Energo and Calvin to make her way home where she could clear her mind and see if the feelings she and Calvin shared was normal or not. She also had to leave so that Blake could no longer have control over her and her new powers.  Not a minute goes by that she hasn't thought of Calvin or the deception he caused. Calvin didn't trust her enough to be the Essence and now Blake is ruling, when it should be her and Calvin. If she ever made it back would she be able to fully trust him again? And if she went back would she be able to find her mother that she once thought was dead?
Now that Charlotte and her guardians are heading back to Energo, she soon back into her role as Essence and has to learn to use her powers again. But without the guidance from her mother, it all seems hopeless and Charlotte fears she is headed for failure. If she cannot find her mother she may let down the very same people her mother fled long ago. Charlotte must help the Resistance or Blake's evil will take over all of Energo.
Kevin also has a role to step up to; he must learn to be the leader that he was born to be. But the ever confident Kevin soon finds he may not have what it takes to be this leader everyone expects him to be. Will his journey to get the help from the Pact help him find his role or will he also fail those counting on him?
And here I thought that Beckoning Light couldn't be topped...but I was proved wrong. Alyssa told an awesome story about not one, but 2 people finding they do have what it takes to lead people and do the right thing after overcoming thier own personal fears. Even though both had called another place home all their young lives, they still felt that need to protect a place that desperately needs them.
Perilous Light was another great page-turner just like its predecessor, and I was thrown every which way with my feelings for the characters. I went in rootin’ for Liam because of my love for him in Beckoning Light...but was soon finding myself leaning towards Calvin. I am literally stuck on the fence with those two. I don't think I have ever had a book do this to me before. Well I might have, but can't think of one right now off hand. I seem to like when a book mixes things up in the love department giving a different take on love triangles. And Kevin grew on me so much more in this book. I adored him and Samantha's budding relationship and look forward to more of them.
Thanks Alyssa for allowing me to read and review one of your fabulous books yet again. Keep up the awesome job and I look forward to more and more (and more) of your future works. For readers who love a great story on overcoming fears and characters finding their way...this series is for you. The sweet,well written romance is just an added plus!


  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Perilous Light. I am so glad you enjoyed it! It seems that giving Calvin a chance to share his view has given him some more supporters :)

  2. Nice review. I'm really interested to see what happens next. I like Perilous Light better than Beckoning Light. I'm a big time LIAM supporter. ;)