May 3, 2012

Whatever It Takes by Lindsay Paige {Review and Giveaway}

Title: Whatever It Takes (book 3 in the Bold as Love series)

Author: Lindsay Paige

Source: eARC for review for the pre release tour

Their first year of college isn’t what they expected. Emily is still struggling with the loss of her baby, while Jake seems to have no trouble with it at all. Emily is so conflicted about how to deal with the miscarriage. On top of that, she’s having nightmares.

Can Jake help his Sweetness? Will she allow him? Their relationship is suffering and Jake is determined to do whatever Emily asks of him. But when Emily makes a suggestion that she feels will help with her grief, could it tear the couple apart forever?
My take...
If you haven't read book 1 or 2 you will be lost and there will be spoilers. Also take note that this book should not be for the younger readers.
'Life has its beautiful moments. That I cannot deny. But there are tons upon tons of horrible, nasty moments as well'
Well, yeah that is true. But I am one of those people who would rather see the beautiful moments. But for some the horrible ones creep into their lives and overcome them. For some that is all they see no matter how hard they try to see the beautiful moment’s right before them. And one of those very people is Emily. After all the mess she went through as a child with her mother and then the miscarriage, it seems as if the universe has something against her. And it seems the universe is not getting any kinder with her just yet.
This is such a good series. And I was glad that Lindsay decided to continue on with it instead of finishing it like she originally did. Emily has had to deal with a lot in her short life. Can you imagine going through what she did with her mother and then losing a baby while in high school? Most people cannot even think about having a baby that young, but when it’s ripped away from you when you’re just starting to love it…that’s hard stuff.
And things are not getting any easier 4 months later for Emily. She is having these horrific nightmares that keep getting worse. Emily turns to her new friend Kyle for support since his mother has gone through something similar. This only drives the wedge between her and Jake deeper. Will Emily be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel before it’s too late or will this be the beginning of the end for her and Jake?
I enjoyed this story and like I said earlier, I am glad the series is continuing. There was still so much that needed to be said, paths that needed to be taken. And Lindsay is doing a fabulous job getting the story told. These characters have really grown on me and I adore them dearly. Loved the switching of POV’s between Emily and Jake. I just think Jake is the sweetest guy ever and was scared a few times in the book thinking they might be done for. There will be some major stuff thrown at the young couple, but will it finally break them? Well guess you will have to read on to find out.

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 So now for the giveaway...Lindsay is giving you a chance to win all 3 ebooks from the series.
If  you already have read the first 2 let me know so she doesn't have to send duplicates to you. So fill out the form and I will pick a winner 5/29. All books will go out at the end of the month from the author.


  1. Love your review Mandy, it's fun to see everyone's reaction to this book and the series, too. I had that same scared feeling a few times too. Thankfully there are some authors you can trust with your feelings :-) Gonna follow you in all those spots, if you get a chance, check out my review too (I'm part of the party, too!)

  2. I've seen this series somewhere. Maybe it was here! Anyway, sounds like a series I would like. Will definitely check it out! Nice review.

  3. I haven't seen this series before but it looks to be a very good read! Exactly what I like :) Can't wait to check it out!